What People Love About PrizeLoot Prizes!

PrizeLoot has, over time, offered a wide assortment of fun and exciting prizes.  Depending on the offer and timeframe, we've had cash, gift card and great prize options.  And regardless of what we are offering on our site, it always has been and always will be free to enter.  There's never any purchase required.

Do you love gift cards?  We often offer a $1,000 Visa Gift Card as it's one of our most popular prizes.  Why?  Because Visa is accepted almost everywhere and can be used to buy virtually anything! Some of our winning members enjoy the benefits of receiving the Visa Gift Card as their prize award because you can take it with you anywhere you shop or travel, or use it on just about any online retail site. You can also use it to pay off some monthly bills, buy a pair of tickets to your favorite concert or sporting event, reserve airline tickets, make hotel reservations, rent a car for your vacation and more. You could even use it to buy at least a month’s worth of groceries, or more, depending on how many you shop for. Just remember, whatever you need, you can use Visa for just about anything!

We also like to offer other amazing gift card prizes, like a $500 Amazon Gift Card. Now, who among us would not want a free $500 shopping spree?! That’s sure to be one fun time, since there’s so much to choose from on Amazon and their list of choices just keeps growing! We also choose to offer a $100 Amazon Gift Card. That’s a considerable sum to buy some nice things on Amazon for yourself or someone special! . Amazon has literally thousands of products to choose from, and the gift card won’t expire. Just be sure to load it to your Amazon Account when you receive it. If you don’t have an Amazon Account, it’s simple and free to create one.

Here at PrizeLoot, our goal is to keep our prizes fun and exciting for our members to enter to win. We offer the choice of entering to win the prize or the cash equivalent. Many of our members choose to receive their actual prize, rather than the cash equivalent, simply because the prize is so cool and amazing and is something they could certainly use! We often offer several Apple electronic prizes such as the MacBook Air, which is valued at $899 cash. This amazing laptop has long been a favorite in the Mac Community. This powerful, very sleek, and super-fast laptop will certainly add some flair to your entertainment and speed to your work day productivity. If you were chosen as the winner of a MacBook Air giveaway, you could choose to take the prize, or you could choose to have us pay you the $899 cash equivalent in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, a PayPal deposit or we could send you a check.  So, even when people win real prizes, they can choose to get their winnings faster and easier via electronic payments.

PrizeLoot also may offer the iPad Pro, valued at $600, which is a super popular Apple tablet device, and offers entertainment and fun for kids of all ages! You can also pair it with your other Apple devices through your iCloud account so you can sync contacts and apps across your devices. The iPhone 8 (64GB) is another super cool and popular prize that we often like to offer. Valued at $699, which anyone who needs an up-to-date Smart Phone will enjoy. You can definitely manage all of your online communications plus shopping, banking, and more. There are so many apps you can download from the App store, and many are completely free to download and use, you’ll be sure to have everything you need. If you’ve never had a smart phone, you’ll wonder how you managed for so long without one!

If you’re not a Mac person, we also love to offer Google-based mobile products and Windows' based computers and laptops.  Each and every one are popular prizes when listed on Prizeloot.  For example, if you’re looking for something ultra-portable and fun to use, we often offer an Acer Chromebook. This portable lightweight laptop runs on the Google Chrome Operating System – which is super stable and viruses are virtually non-existent. So, that will save you the expense of anti-virus software subscriptions every month. Plus, you won’t waste time waiting for crashed apps to restart.

For the avid readers among our valued members, we often offer Kindle e-readers and Tablets.  They all offer convenient ways to take your entire library with you! This means you can read on your flight, on the beach, in your favorite reading chair, or coffee shop, or anywhere you want to pick up where you left off in your favorite novel or mystery. Whatever you enjoy reading, you can certainly do it with a Kindle. The technology on this handy e-reader is so advanced, you’ll think you’re reading right out of a paperback book. The difference is, you can take all of your favorite books with you no matter where your travels lead you.

For those who like to bop to the beat of their favorite tunes without disturbing anyone else, we often offer headphones, like Beats Headphones. They are an awesome prize among the offerings we give away on Prizeloot. The masterfully tuned sound quality will certainly enhance your experience of your favorite songs and the fact that they’re so lightweight will make you forget you have them on. Just be careful not to sing too loud, people might wonder if you’re okay! Or they may call you, but no worries, you can answer your smartphone calls right from your headphones and then go back to bopping around to your tunes!

Now, if you’re a coffee lover, and many people are, you’ll love to enter to win the amazing Cuisinart Coffee Maker that we often list as a giveaway on Prizeloot. Any coffee connoisseur will surely delight in brewing their favorite Java in this programmable machine. The drip free spout means you won’t end up with coffee all over your nice countertop and you can pour a cup before the brew cycle completes. It also has a separate hot water dispenser, which is great for instant oatmeal or your favorite noodle soup, hot cocoa or tea. You can also set it to start brewing at any time, so you’ll wake up to the smell of fresh coffee to start your day! 

If you don’t want to brew your own coffee and prefer to get it on your way to work, enter to win our $50 Starbucks Gift Card when it's available on Prizeloot. It's a popular giveaway so it's often on the site. And you know you can certainly get at least a week’s worth of morning coffee to start your busy day! Or, if you don’t commute, give it to someone you love to show how much you appreciate them! 

Speaking of great gift cards, PrizeLoot also often offers a $100 McDonald’s Gift Card which can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. You could even just use it for coffee, since their coffee is so delicious! That would certainly buy a lot of cups full!

For those who love entertainment Prizeloot often has some fun prizes for the whole family to enjoy! For the serious gamer(s) in the family, you can often enter to win a PlayStation 4 (500GB Slim Model), which features improved higher resolution character models, shadows and lighting and other improvements to the gameplay experience. To enhance your gaming action, you can often enter to win a new high definition TV as well. This is almost always one of our most popular sweepstakes and would certainly help bring all of your characters and game plays to life a bit more! Just imagine how much fun that will be for gaming family members and friends to enjoy with you!

Remember, whenever you enter to win a PrizeLoot prize, you have the choice to win the cash equivalent. Just click on which you’d prefer and enter to win! Be sure to claim all of your entries during each entry period. Check out our winners' page to see who’s won recently. Your name could very well be there. Also, be sure to keep checking for our email’s. That’s where we send the winning prize messages. Just make certain the email address in your account is up to date with the one you check most frequently. We hope you enjoy PrizeLoot and wish you the best of luck!