PrizeLoot Sweepstakes Winners - February 2020

We’re so happy our sweepers like the new $20 Daily Cash Prize. We can tell because so many of you are entering for all of your five daily chances to win and starting on February 12th, we’ve had a guaranteed $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner every single day! We know you must have all gotten your maximum entries in and it paid off! While $20 certainly isn’t our top prize, it is guaranteed to one lucky winner every day and, for the kickoff month of February 2020, we’re happy to announce all of our lucky winners. Congrats to Vivian B. in Windsor, Virginia, who won on February 12th, Jacquelyn W. of Toledo, Ohio, won on February 13th, Irene S. won on February 14th – nice to get some extra cash for Valentine’s Day. That could certainly buy some delicious chocolates! Denise R. of Waldorf, Maryland, is our February 15th $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner. That could definitely be lunch money for a couple of days or coffee from Dunkin’ for a week! Vicki O. from Sun City, California, is our winner for February 16th. Keep in mind, when you win this $20 Daily Cash Prize, you have the choice of how you want your payment issued. This includes the option of an Amazon Gift Card. Amazon has so many cool and amazing items, you could lose yourself for a day just browsing the many thousands of items for $20 or less. Cindy M. in Louisville, Kentucky, is our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner for February 17th. Continuing with our list of $20 Daily Cash Prize Winners for this month is Sandy S. of Michigan City, Michigan, who won on February 18th. An extra $20 could come in handy for so many things, even if you just stick it in your wallet to keep as emergency cash, or tuck it away as your lucky $20 bill. Afterall, it is lucky that you won it! Mary M. in Dundalk, Maryland, is our next lucky $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner on February 19th. Cheryl F. from Calera, Alabama, is our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner on February 20th. Debra F. from Mountain View, Arkansas, may be relaxing and taking in the view with a nice beverage she could buy with the $20 Daily Cash Prize she won on February 21st. Wayne T. in Sorento, Illinois, is out next $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner on February 22nd. That could pay for a nice hot pizza delivery from Gianni’s! Ronnell P. in Buffalo, New York is our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner on February 23rd. That could come in handy for some of those delicious famous wings from Duff’s! Keith E. in Allentown, Pennsylvania, won the $20 Daily Cash Prize on February 24th. Maybe you’ll treat yourself to a nice hot gyro from Nostos with extra yogurt sauce! That sounds yummy! April B. from Kansas City, Missouri, won the $20 Daily Cash Prize on February 25th. Maybe you’ll enjoy browsing to treat yourself to something new for Spring, like a beautiful hanging flower planter for your patio. Shari D. in Medford, Oregon, is our February 26th $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner! That could pay for some great burgers from Jaspers Café. You could even order on GrubHub and get your first delivery free! Ronald W. in South Hill, Virginia, is our February 27th $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner. An order of chicken and ribs from Risin’ Smoke Barbecue sounds pretty delicious! Gary S. is our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winner on February 28th, and rounding out the list for this month is Lenorra K. from Jeanette, Pennsylvania, who won the $20 Daily Cash on Leap Day, February 29th! Congrats to all of our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winners! Keep entering to win this prize and all of our PrizeLoot Sweepstakes every day!

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