PrizeLoot Sweepstakes Winners – End of April 2020

Michelle H. won the $20 Daily Cash Prize Giveaway on April 20th. Don’t forget, you can accept your prize as an Amazon Gift Card. If you search “Under 20 Dollars” on Amazon, you’ll find at least 30,000 items to choose from in every department. Martha S. in Bellville, West Virginia, is our April 21st winner of the $20 Daily Cash Prize Giveaway. $20 certainly isn’t our top prize, but we guarantee it to one lucky winner every day. You’d really be amazed at how many great things you can buy with $20. Or, you could just keep it as your lucky $20 and save it for a rainy day. April 21st was extra exciting because we had another winner. Denis C. in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, won the Motorola E5 Smartphone! This smartphone gives a whole day’s charge so you don’t have to worry about missing out on all your daily activities. Plus, the slim design makes it easy to hold and the 8MP camera will give you incredible photos and videos in bright or low light. It’s even got an FM radio and you can expand the storage if you need to. Pretty cool! We’ll be giving away another one of these fantastic phones on June 25, 2020, so if any other PrizeLoot players would like to win one, get your 5 free daily entries in until the contest ends!

Aster K. in Olympia, Washington is our April 22nd winner of the $20 Daily Cash Prize Giveaway. That could cover a delicious food delivery from Taco Bell. Don’t forget the pintos and cheese! Corrine Y. from Steuben, Maine, won the $20 Daily Cash Prize Giveaway on April 23rd. Maybe you’ll order some delicious Portuguese food from The Meadow’s Take Out. The food looks great and they have some really solid 5-star reviews! Rounding out this very impressive list of April 2020 winners is Mark J. in Kansas City, Kansas, who won the $50 GAP Card Giveaway on April 23rd. You can shop at GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athena Gap Factory and Gap Outlet stores, either in-store or online, so that might make it tough to decide what to buy, but you’ll surely have plenty to choose from! We’ll be giving away another $50 GAP Gift Card on July 1, 2020, so get your 5 daily entries in! Congrats to all of our PrizeLoot Winners. Welcome to the Winners List. We hope you continue to enjoy all of our free daily sweeps and wish you good luck in winning some prizes and loot!

PrizeLoot is a free to join and enter sweepstakes site that gives you five entries for each of the giveaways in every entry period. The site is easy to play with no gimmicks, catches or strings attached. It’s true there are sites out there that will try to get you to buy something, or search for something, and make it hard to enter their sweepstakes by running you around in circles just to get chances to win. That could certainly frustrate anyone and end up wasting valuable time from your day. PrizeLoot does none of that. Our site is very straightforward, easy, quick to enter and fun. We offer tons of cool prizes and lots of loot! Just be sure to enter with a real email address, preferably your main one. The reason being, that’s the only way we’ll notify you if you win a prize or some loot! Have fun and good luck winning the prize you want! Keep an eye on your email and check out our winners list. We hope to see your name on there really soon!