PrizeLoot Sweeps Winner January 29, 2020

The 2020 New Year was definitely off to a great start for all of our wonderful PrizeLoot members! Our first big shout out goes to Glen P in Vancouver, British Columbia, who won the $250 Cash Prize on January 29th. What a super fantastic surprise that must have been! We’re so excited for you, Glen and wish you all the best in enjoyment with your prize loot! We hope you find some great things to buy with it, or save it for something special. 

Living in such a fantastic city, we’re sure you’ll have fun with your loot! Maybe you’ll order some celebratory food from Camy’s. That Butter Chicken Pizza sure looks tasty. In fact, all of their pizza’s look incredibly delicious. You may need to walk it off in Stanley Park afterwards to burn off some calories! Either way, we’re happy for you and wish you continued success and good luck. Thanks for being a valued member of PrizeLoot and welcome to the Winners List!

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Also, keep an eye on the expiration of the prize sweepstakes so you can be sure to maximize all of your daily chances to win until the contest ends. You can enter every day for any and all of the prizes you’d like to win up to five times daily. PrizeLoot also awards $20 to one lucky winner every single day so be sure to get your five entries in. $20 may not be our biggest prize, but it’s definitely guaranteed to one lucky winner every single day! Have fun and we hope to see your name on the winners list soon!