PrizeLoot September 2021 Winner Roundup

It may be the end of summer and time to head back to school, but that doesn’t mean our giveaways are ending. In fact, we’re running them all again, so if you haven’t won, be sure to keep entering every day to max out your chances of hitting the winner’s list! We’d be honored and thrilled to add you to that roster and send you a fantastic prize or some serious loot!

Paul M. hit an awesome prize win on September 2, and now has $50 to buy something cool to wear at the Gap now that he has a $50 Gap Gift Card to spend. Gap gift cards can also be used online at or on any of their partner sites as well as in store. Those include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap Factory and more, so you’re sure to have lots of choices, Paul!

Kenneth D. in Gunnison, Colorado, is stepping up his entertainment now that he can stream till his heart’s content on the 50” Ultra HD TV he won on September 9! If you’re into sports, you’ll be in awe of the clarity and think you have courtside seats or are sitting on the sideline, when in fact you’re on your comfy couch or in your favorite chair watching on the best technology out there. Enjoy it, Kenneth!

Julia S. of Moriarty, New Mexico, is no doubt over the moon with happiness since she was chosen in our latest $3,333 Cash Prize drawing on September 16. Congratulations, Julia! We are so delighted you won and happy for you in every way! Having all that loot is sure to make this holiday season as merry and bright as can be, along with anything else you want to enjoy! Money always means options and whatever your plans are for all that loot, we hope it brings you good times and many happy memories!

Alan G. in Los Angeles, California, can hit the beach with his favorite devices and not worry about the sand or surf now that he has a YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry to keep them safe from the elements. Alan won the drawing on September 21, and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the beach before the rainy season arrives. Even when it does, the YETI will keep your phone and other belongings completely dry and safe if you do dash in the rain!

Deirtra W. of Tacoma, Washington, put a cool $50 Visa in her wallet after winning the prize drawing on September 28! You can spend Visa just about anywhere so if you’d like to shop online, go out to eat, get your nails done or even pay a bill with it, Visa has you covered! Have fun spending it!

Speaking of fun, Ralph D. from Lockport, New York, won the super fun, super amazing, super cool Remote Control Quadcopter Drone on September 30! Now he can cruise around and enjoy ariel views of all the holiday decorations in his town this year or even check to make sure his gutters are clean! With 40 minutes of flight time before needing to be recharged and a 720p HD Camera, there’s lots of fun to be had and we hope you enjoy it to the max!

Congrats also go to our $20 Daily Cash winners this month. There are 30 winners since there are 30 days in September and we hope getting that nice surprise put a bright spot in your day whether you use it for gas, a meal from your favorite place to eat, a haircut or manicure or just to buy yourself something fun like a new hat to keep warm this winter or maybe a new pair of gloves.

To our fabulous sweepers who didn’t win this time around, be sure to keep entering for your chance to win our next giveaways. We have reset the prizes to run again and look forward to another happy winner when each sweep ends next! In fact, each time we award a prize, we reset the sweep and run it again, so keep entering for what you’d like to win. We love nothing more than issuing email winner notifications and sending out prizes and loot!

PrizeLoot is always 100% free to enter every day and is super easy with no gimmicks, catches or strings attached. It’s true there are sites out there that will try to get you to buy something, or search for something, and make it hard to enter their sweepstakes by running you around in circles just to get chances to win. That could certainly frustrate anyone and end up wasting valuable time from your day. PrizeLoot does none of that. Our site is very straightforward, easy, quick to enter and fun! We offer tons of cool prizes and lots of loot! Just be sure to enter with a real email address, preferably your main one. The reason being, that’s the only way we’ll notify you if you win a prize or some loot! Have fun and good luck winning the prizes you want! Keep an eye on your email and check out our winners list. We hope to see your name on there really soon!