PrizeLoot – October 2021 Winner Roundup

It’s always fun reviewing the month to look at all the prizes and loot our players have won! Starting with the $20 Daily Cash Giveaway, it’s a long list since someone wins $20 every day! Of course, it’s just $20, but that’s free loot you can use to buy gas, breakfast, or lunch at your favorite place, or even tuck it in your wallet as spare cash in case you ever need extra money for something.

Darren M. of Grove City, Ohio, has $20 in his pocket since he won the daily cash on October 1. Alvin B. from Greenville, North Carolina, also added his name to the winner’s list with the $20 daily giveaway on October 8. Kevin S. of Jemez Springs, New Mexico, won the $20 daily cash on October 15. That could come in handy to pick up some tasty delights from Highway 4 Café & Bakery! Peggy B. in Manteno, Illinois, may also be buying some tasty treats with the $20 daily cash prize she won on October 23! Congrats to everyone who got that surprise email from us with $20 in it, whether you chose a check in the mail, a PayPal payment, or an Amazon Gift Card where you can certainly have some fun browsing for cool things to buy with it!

Bill W. of Trenton, Michigan, also got a surprise email message telling him he was chosen as the winner of the New iPad w/10.2” Retina Screen on October 7! What a cool win and such an awesome prize! Now we know for sure you’re the coolest guy in town! This updated iPad has everything you need to stay in touch, play PrizeLoot and other fun online activities and enjoy your favorite apps and entertainment. Congrats, Bill! We hope you get much enjoyment using your new iPad!

Bruce P. from Hiram, Ohio, also won a super cool prize when he was chosen in the drawing as the winner of the Motorola E5 Smartphone. This sought-after prize is so popular, every time we post about it on social media, everyone wants one! If you do too, be sure to keep entering every day. We’ll be giving another one away again soon!

Renate M. from Los Angeles, California, may not need to call her handyman so often now that she won the Black & Decker Cordless Drill on October 14 and can get to that to do list on her own! This is another popular prize and so fun to win! If you’d like one, be sure not to miss any of your free entries each day until this sweep ends again and we choose another winner!

Ron B. is no doubt the king of all he surveys now that he has the Google Nest Hub he won on October 19. What a fantastic prize for anyone who wants to have a command control center for their smart home devices, watch their favorite entertainment like YouTube videos by voice control, and use all of Googles features with the ease of a single device. Add to that, you can match the ambient lighting to any room in your house, so it enhances your décor too! Pretty nifty! Keep entering if you’d like one. We’re giving this cool prize away again too!

John H. from Hudson, Wisconsin, just may be in charge of the coffee making in his house now that he has the super awesome Cuisinart 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker he won on October 21. You can customize the settings to suit your taste, set it to brew before you get up, so you awake to that heavenly smell of fresh coffee brewing and can also pull the pot out to grab a cup before it’s complete since it has built-in brew pause to avoid any spillage. Enjoy it, John. We wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors show up at your door to see where that delightful smell is coming from!

Gary M. in Pahrump, Nevada, also added his name to the winner’s list on October 28 and put $200 cash in his pocket! That’s a nice chunk of loot you can enjoy in so many different ways and we hope you have a great time with it! Living so close to Las Vegas, you can see some pretty awesome entertainment with all the great performances in town. That’s a nice way to treat yourself and someone special to a really great time out courtesy of PrizeLoot, since you have your prize money to pay for it!

PrizeLoot is always 100% free to enter every day and is super easy with no gimmicks, catches or strings attached. It’s true, there are sites out there that will try to get you to buy something, or search for something, and make it hard to enter their sweepstakes by running you around in circles just to get chances to win. That could certainly frustrate anyone and end up wasting valuable time from your day. PrizeLoot does none of that. Our site is very straightforward, easy, quick to enter and fun! We offer tons of cool prizes and lots of loot! Just be sure to enter with a real email address, preferably your main one. The reason being, that’s the only way we’ll notify you if you win a prize or some loot! Have fun and good luck winning the prizes you want! Keep an eye on your email and check out our winners list. We hope to see your name on there really soon!