PrizeLoot May 2023 Winner Roundup

With a name like PrizeLoot it should be easy to see what this site is all about. We have some truly amazing giveaways whether you’re interested in a fun prize or some awesome loot! Entering is simple and it’s always completely free! Just click on what you want to win by tapping the blue Enter Now button and fill in your email address. You can choose to play a quick game or skip it and go straight to submitting your entries. Either way, be sure to spell your email address correctly and use one you check frequently since that’s the only way we notify our lucky winners!

Speaking of lucky winners, we’ve got plenty of those on this month’s list and we’re sure each and every one of you are happy to have checked your email to see that exciting news!

Laura M. from Elroy, Wisconsin, won the super impressive iPad w/10.2” Retina Screen on May 4! That sure is happy news to see in your email and now you can do your favorite things wherever you go since this device is so easy to take with you! You can also sync it with your iPhone or other Apple device so you’re sure that everything is up to date in your photos, apps and everything you use on a daily basis. Enjoy it, Laura!

Ana B. also got some exciting news after winning the FitBit Charge 3 Activity Tracker on May 9. If you’re looking to improve your fitness routine, track your steps and water intake, see what your heart rate and sleep patterns look like, and clock your calorie usage, you’ll enjoy all that and more with this impressive smart watch! It can even remind you to unwind and unplug at a certain time each evening so you can get a restful sleep, which it can also report on so you can find out if you’re getting enough quality shut eye each night.

Eric R. is having some fun now that he won the Remote Control Quadcopter Drone on May 11! If you’ve always wanted to take aerial view photography, or just cruise around your neighborhood viewing the sights without leaving your lawn chair, you’re sure to have a great time with this incredible toy for kids of all ages. You can also video your family barbecue or the kids flying their favorite kite on the beach, and share that amazing footage for everyone to enjoy!

Jack V. in York, Pennsylvania, is surely enjoying himself now that he won the $200 Cash Giveaway on May 18! There’s nothing like getting a surprise email telling you that you’ve won some free loot to put a spring in your step and a big smile on your face! That could make for a fun shopping spree at Walmart or maybe you’ll fill your shopping cart at Ollies Bargain Outlet with things you see on a whim since that’s an easy and fun way to enjoy your prize money. You might even decide to go out for a nice meal with your family and get a table at Central Family Restaurant so everyone can enjoy their favorite comfort food dish!

Larry E. of Taft, California, is an avid sweeper and someone who’s name frequents sweepstakes winner lists. How does he do it? He keeps entering and knows that sometimes it takes time and patience but that can and does pay off for those who stick with it. Larry’s just added another cool win to his list after his entry was chosen in the YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry Giveaway on May 23! That sure is a cool prize to win and now you can take your phone and other personal items securely on the go whether that’s a trip to the beach or a walk in the rain! Have fun, Larry, and congrats!

Sharon S. from Lewiston, Idaho, is also having some fun now that she won the Motorola Smartphone prize drawing on May 25! For anyone looking to upgrade their phone, you can’t beat a Motorola for dependability and cool features you don’t find often in smartphones, like a built in FM radio so you can tune in to your favorite stations whenever you’d like. Simply swipe down on the status bar and presto, you’ll see your FM radio app magically appear in the foreground so you can play it anytime! That’s just one of the many cool features you’ll find on this incredible phone, and we hope you enjoy discovering all of the cool and convenient features it has, Sharon!

Matt W. put some loot in his wallet this month after winning the $50 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on May 31! That’s a fun way to end the month on a high note with some extra loot to spend as you please! Whether you want to use it towards your bills, go shopping online, order food delivery on your favorite app, or go out and have some fun, Visa is so widely accepted, you’re choices are wide open! We hope you fully enjoy whatever you decide to spend it on!

Congrats to our many $20 Daily Cash Winners for the merry month of May 2023! Someone wins this cash prize every single day, so be sure to submit your daily entries before Midnight Eastern time and you could be among our next lucky winners! Just make sure to keep an eye on your email because, as with all of our giveaways, winners are notified at the email address they submit in the sweepstakes and surely no one can pass up the chance to win some free cash! That can be used for anything you need whether it’s gas in your car, lunch money, extra groceries, a pizza delivery or anything you need some extra spending money for. 

Thanks to everyone who entered this month and congrats to all the winners! Be sure to come back each day and get your free entries for the chance to win the prizes you like. You can submit your entries for any or all of our free giveaways so be sure to max those entries out daily for the chance to be among our next lucky winners!