PrizeLoot May 2022 Winner Roundup

There’s no greater feeling than opening your email to find out you’ve won a fantastic prize or some loot! We just love sending those winner emails and adding new names to the winners list! With free daily entries for the chance to win something cool, like a huge pile of loot, a cool electronic device like a new computer tablet, a super awesome remote control drone or an amazing new television and more, there are a lot of choices of prizes you can enter to win. You can pick what you like or enter all of them! It’s always 100% free and as simple as filling in your email address for each sweepstake entry.

Richard H. in Decatur, Illinois, is certainly a happy sweeper since he just won our $3,333 cash prize drawing on May 19! That sure is exciting and we’re always thrilled to award this large sum of loot! There sure are many ways you can enjoy having all that money like taking a long overdue vacation, putting a down payment on a new car, paying off your credit card debt so you can live debt free, or you could use it for daily living, going out for some nice meals, buying new clothes and things for your home, and maybe you’ll even throw a fun backyard barbecue and invite your family and friends to celebrate with you. Have fun and congrats, Richard!

Roger H. from Edon, Ohio, also added his name to our list of lucky winners with the super awesome Remote Control Quadcopter Drone he won in the May 5 prize drawing. This is a great gadget for kids of all ages, and you can certainly have fun for the whole family with it. Whether you take photos of a family gathering in the yard complete with ariel views of everyone enjoying a table full of tasty food, or use it to check the roof to see if the gutters need to be cleaned, or maybe you need to see if that pesky woodpecker is back, there’s lots of fun to be had and we hope you enjoy it!

Allen B. may be retooling his fitness routine now that he has the FitBit Activity Tracker to help him keep track of his goals, steps, calories, heart rate, water intake, sleep patterns and more. It can even let you know when it’s time to put your phone away and wind down in the evening so you can get a more restful sleep, and it can do that right on your smartphone, so you won’t miss that notification! Plus, you can customize the face clock to suit your own personal style! Have fun discovering all of ways you can enjoy your FitBit, Allen! We’re sure you’re going to really like wearing it!

Jon E. from Clinton, Mississippi, can certainly take PrizeLoot with him along with any of his favorite online activities now that he has the brand new Motorola E5 Smartphone he won on May 26! We know you’ll enjoy taking awesome photos, staying in touch with your family and friends through texting, talking, social media and email, and you can customize your phone to respond to your gestures so it’s uniquely yours! Plus, with a compact design you can carry it in your pocket and unlock it with a touch of your fingerprint. You can also play FM radio on it, which is a really fantastic feature! Enjoy it!

Darlene C. from Buffalo, New York, may be checking off her to do list a lot faster now that she can easily accomplish tasks around the house with the Black & Decker Cordless Drill she won in the May 31 prize drawing! It’s so much fun when you can give yourself that sense of accomplishment and not have to wait for someone to do those small jobs and repairs for you. Now you hang your new curtain rods, put up mini blinds, hang your favorite artwork, fix those loose door hinges and maybe even build a new planter box for your patio. The list is endless, and we hope you enjoy all the ways you can use your new cordless drill, Darlene! Of course, you could also hand it to your significant other with that “honey do” list and go sit on the patio with your favorite beverage instead. That’s entirely up to you! Have fun!

Don’t forget, we also give $20 away every day and while this is the smallest cash prize in our lineup of prizes, it’s free loot you could use for whatever you need like breakfast or lunch, gas in your car, a new charger cable for your phone, a cool pair of sunglasses, your morning coffee during the week, or whatever you can think of that you need some extra money for. So be sure to include this giveaway in your entries when you visit our site daily, or as often as you can. Congrats to everyone who won the $20 daily cash giveaway this month including Tonya T. in Kansas City, Kansas, Annette M. from Victorville, California, Mary F. of Kissimmee, Florida, Robert O. in Gilbert, Arizona, Marlin B. from Three Springs, Pennsylvania, and George B. of Dover, New Jersey. For a complete list of winners, visit our Winners page. We hope you find your own name on their soon with an awesome prize win next to it.

PrizeLoot is always 100% free to enter every day and is super easy with no gimmicks, catches or strings attached. Our site is very simple to enter and fun to win! We offer tons of cool prizes and lots of loot! Just be sure to enter with your real email address, preferably your main one. The reason being, that’s the only way we’ll notify you if you win a great prize or some loot! Have fun and good luck winning the prizes you want! Keep an eye on your email and check out our winners list. We hope to see your name on there really soon!