PrizeLoot March 2022 Winner Roundup

There’s nothing more exciting than getting an email message that says you’ve won! We’re always happy to send those messages and delighted to see new names to our ever-growing list of happy winners! Playing our sweeps is super fun, fast and free so you’ve got nothing to lose by spending a little time each day entering for your chance to win! It’s as simple as clicking on the blue Enter Now button for each prize you like and filling in your email address! Just remember to double check that you’ve spelled your email correctly before submitting any of your entries. You can choose to play a quick game for added fun, or skip it and go straight to submitting your entry. Either way, it’s exciting to know you could get a winner email saying you’ve won a nifty prize, some loot, or a cool gift card.

Virginia T. of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, sure won a nifty prize when she was chosen in the March 3 drawing for the Motorola E5 Smartphone giveaway! If you’ve never had a smart phone, and even if you have, you’ll love all the features this phone has to offer. The battery lasts all day so no need to panic that you have to plug in somewhere quickly to finish a call or task. It even has a FM radio. Now how cool is that?! You can certainly whistle while you work and enjoy taking great photos and videos too with the built-in 8-megapixel camera. You can even get your PrizeLoot entries in on the go from wherever you are during the day! Have fun with it, Virginia!

Neil S. in Omaha, Nebraska, can also play PrizeLoot on the go, along with everything else he enjoys, since he won the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet on March 10! This little tablet may surprise you when it comes to speed, since it’s twice as fast as another highly popular mini tablet we know! On top of that, you can talk to Alexa when you need assistance, stream movies and tv shows, read books, listen to music, talk with friends on Skype, and choose from a whopping 570,000 games and apps, not to mention nearly a half-million audible titles. Pretty amazing. Enjoy it, Neil!

Not to be outdone, Antuone M. from sunny San Diego, California, won the super cool iPad with 10.2” Retina Screen on March 17. Now there’s a lucky day to win a great prize! Now you can Facetime with friends and family, have fun with photos and videos, shop, email, connect to social media, read and enjoy any of your favorite entertainment and apps. There isn’t much you can’t do on an iPad, and we hope you enjoy finding all the ways you can have fun with it!

Roy P. of Nolensville, Tennessee, may be having some fun around the house and discovering projects he didn’t even know about until he won the Black & Decker Cordless drill on March 22. In fact, this is a “honey do” list makers dream, so if your better half has been nagging you to get to those small jobs around the house, you may just surprise her and hand her that list back completely checked off! Happy wife, happy life, right?!

Sonya V. in Elyria, Ohio, may be looking out her window wondering why the neighbors are hanging around her house. That’s because they may smell that fresh brewed coffee she’s making since she won the Cuisinart 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker on March 24! This machine is a coffee lovers dream and with the stainless-steel carafe you may just head out there to pour them all a hot cup! That would be a neighborly thing to do. We’re all for sharing and getting a fresh cup of coffee from a neighbor is certainly a nice way of connecting.

On top of all the great prizes we offer, we also give away $20 every day to one of our sweepers which is our way of saying thanks for entering. That’s something you could use to put extra gas in your car, which everyone can use these days, buy a nice lunch or two, or anything you could use a little extra cash for. Just be sure to enter for this prize every day while you’re entering all of the other great sweeps we have. Winning is always fun, no matter what it is, and if you win the $20 daily cash it can certainly be an inspiration to win again so keep entering! That’s the key to not missing out on any chance to win. Winners are chosen at random when each sweep ends, and you never know when that someone could be you!

PrizeLoot is always 100% free to join and enter our sweepstakes every day. Be sure to use a valid email address because that’s how we notify our winners and send special prize entry opportunities that may not be on the website. We hope you enjoy the wide selection of prizes available to enter for chances to win and wish you all the best of good luck for winning our sweeps really soon!