PrizeLoot March 2021 Winners

There’s one thing for certain, we’re just crazy about giveaways and can’t get enough of awarding lots of cool prizes and plenty of loot to our lucky players! On March 4, we had a really super exciting prize awarded to one fabulous player in particular, when Charles P. of Shawnee Mission, Kansas, landed on the $3,333 sweepstakes cash prize! We’re pretty sure Charles did a double take when he saw that prize winner message and awesome amount of loot he just won, followed by a period of jumping up and down and yelling “yes!” pretty loudly! That certainly is an amazing haul of loot and we couldn’t be more pleased to award it to you, Charles! We’re sure having that awesome cash prize will definitely enhance your life in some fantastic ways! You might be singing “Kansas City Here I Come” to spend some of that loot for a fun a night on the town or fantastic weekend getaway with your special someone! You certainly have a lot of options and we sure hope you have the time of your life exploring all the ways you can enjoy your prize money. Congrats from all of us, Charles! We’re super-duper happy for you!

Robert W. in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, will also be having loads of enjoyment since he’s also a big winner of the 50” 4K Ultra HD TV on the very same day, March 4! There’s no doubt this fantastic television will enhance all the ways you enjoy your favorite programs and entertainment. With more than 8 million pixels of brilliant color, you’ll certainly feel like you’re in the stadium when you root for your favorite team, or in the audience when you watch your favorite band in concert. It’s definitely the next best thing to actually being there! Congrats, Robert. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come!

Nancy O. of Ann Arbor, Michigan, might be having a relaxing day on Independence Lake since she can bring her favorite laptop and call her favorite people without worrying about sand or water messing with her devices now that she has the super protective Yeti Hopper Sidekick Dry to store her things in after winning this cool prize on March 11. You don’t even have to worry if you have to dash somewhere in the rain. Your Yeti Hopper Sidekick will keep all of your valued items safe, clean and dry! That could certainly save a ton of money not having to repair or replace a damaged device! Enjoy it, Nancy. Keep entering, everyone. We’ll be giving another one away soon!

George H. of Aberdeen, Washington, might be stocking up on bait and tackle with the $50 Visa Gift Card he won on March 18, just in time for the April start of fishing season for delicious Trout! It’s always the best meal in the world when you catch it yourself! You could also use some of that loot to pick up some fresh produce to go with your catch of the day and enjoy a really special winner celebration barbecue with your loved ones! We’re sure they’ll be impressed with both your fishing skills and your prize win! Have fun, George!

Richard P. in Tombstone, Arizona, will no doubt be upping his fitness regime and keeping a closer watch on his goals now that he can count his steps, monitor his sleep patterns and more with the super cool FitBit Activity Tracker he won on March 25! With a 25-day battery life, you’ll easily meet your goals since the FitBit will also tell you how many calories you’ve burned, what your active and resting heart rate is, and its waterproof so feel free to dive into the deep end of the pool and swim those laps. We know you’ll have lots of fun exploring all of the other cool features it has! We’re giving this awesome prize away again, soon!

Tim N. in Hawesville, Kentucky, is no doubt keeping in touch with his favorite peeps more often now that he can hear everyone more clearly on the new Motorola E5 Smartphone he just won on March 30! Not only that, he can also go online to enjoy his favorite activities, like entering PrizeLoot, check his email, take awesome photos and even tune in to his favorite FM radio stations to keep up on the latest news or listen to his favorite DJ! Pretty cool! We just love this prize!

Congrats also go out to all of our $20 Daily Cash Prize Winners! We give this prize to one person every single day! So, while you’re entering for chances to win all the cool prizes we offer, be sure to enter our daily cash giveaway and check your email for our daily $20! You could be our next winner just like Michael L. of Superior, Wisconsin who won on March 1! Among our other daily winners: Gail N. in Citrus Heights, California, won on March 2; Steve D. in Vero Beach, Florida, won on March 7; Charles C. of Rosemont, West Virginia, won on March 10; Julianna C. from Seaside, Oregon, won on March 13; Melian H. of Clearwater, Kansas, won on March 18; Timothy L. of Salisbury, Maryland, won on March 21; Sylvester S. in St. Louis, Missouri, won on March 22; Terry T. of Sorrento, Illinois, won on March 24; Kevin H. in Champaign, Ilinois, won on March 28; and Audrey H. of Alamogordo, New Mexico, won on March 31! Congrats to everyone who received that surprise winner email and cashed in on their $20 daily prize! 

Don’t forget, if you win, you can choose to collect your prize money as an Amazon Gift Card or as a check in the mail or a PayPal payment. Whichever you’d prefer.

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Take a look at our selection of prizes. What would you like to win? You can choose whatever you’d like or enter all of them!  All winners are randomly selected from the total number of valid entries we receive. It’s important to use a real email address and one you check daily, or at least quite frequently. The only way we notify our winners is via the email address submitted with their winning sweepstake entry. So, use your real email, and keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll notify you if you’re selected as the winner of any given prize, and also let you know the insider scoop on any additional special contests we may be running!