PrizeLoot June 2023 Winner Roundup

It’s that time to let you know all about everyone who has been winning prizes and loot! Our favorite thing to do is to notify our lucky winners and give them the great news! Winners are always notified by email, so it’s important to remember to enter with the email address you can easily check on a regular basis. On top of all the incredible giveaways we offer, we also award $20 to someone every day, because we don’t like to let a day go by without someone winning!

Randall H. of Beaverton, Michigan, starts off this round of lucky winners with a super cool Google Nest Hub prize win on June 1! This awesome device will put Google power at the touch of your fingers! From a single dashboard you can activate YouTube with voice controls, manage your home devices, access your Google products like your calendar, and even get answers to anything you need to know, which everyone knows Googling is the best source for! A nifty feature of this smart device is, any room you choose to set it up in can be color matched on the device to add some ambiance to your décor. That’s a cool feature, no matter what your color palette is! We hope you have fun with it, Randall!

Jim M. from Elgin, Illinois, can buy some new duds, or maybe take his kids shopping for new summer tops and shorts, since he won the $50 Gap Gift Card prize drawing on June 6! With so many choices of where to spend it, you’re sure to find the perfect clothing or accessories. Between Gap and its outlets, factory stores and affiliates like Banana Republic and Old Navy, the choices are pretty vast with lots of great options! You can head out to these stores or sit back and shop online, which is another great time-saver, especially if you don’t really like spending a lot of time shopping. That’s a great plus to winning this fabulous gift card!

Marc J. in Durango, Colorado, has some celebrating to do since winning the 50” 4K Ultra HD TV prize drawing on June 8! This is one of our most popular prizes and with good reason. You’ll enjoy seeing picture perfect clarity like never before! Once you have HD technology, there’s no turning back to the old ways of watching an ordinary picture! Plus, with 4K color the vivid display will make it look like you’re really there instead of just watching. Whether it’s a sports game, concert, movie, television show or anything you like, you’ll experience it in a whole new way which is out of this world amazing! 

Nancy T. of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a reason to go out and enjoy herself since she won the $100 Cash Giveaway on June 14. That’s one way to have fun with your prize money! You could go to the grocery store to buy everything you need to fill your picnic basket and head to Grant Park to spend a beautiful afternoon enjoying the nice weather and spectacular view of Lake Michigan. You could also go to the Southridge Mall to browse the shops for something special like a new outfit to wear, and maybe catch a movie on the big screen too! There are lots of options when you have free loot to spend, so we hope you fully enjoy whatever you spend it on!

Charles L. has a good reason to update his fitness plans, or at least enhance his routine, now that he won the FitBit Charge 3 Activity Tracker on June 21, just in time for the official start of summer! This device is sure to impress with all the useful features it has. You can do everything from counting steps to logging calorie and water intake, to checking your heartrate and monitoring your sleep patterns to see how much quality sleep you’re actually getting. You can also get reminders to unplug for the night, so you’ll know to turn off your devices to let your mind relax. That’s the best way to prepare for a good night’s sleep!

Jonathan C. from Milledgeville, Tennessee, is preparing for lift off now that he won the super fun Remote Control Quadcopter Drone on June 29. No matter how young or old you are, this is a dream device for kids of all ages! Now you can tour the neighborhood, catch that pesky woodpecker on your roof, take ariel photos of family barbecues, and share photos and videos of the sunset or anything else you happen to observe from your birds eye view!

Congrats to our many $20 Cash Prize Winners this month. Getting extra spending money is always a welcome treat. That could buy your morning coffee or lunch during your workday. You could order pizza delivery or add some extra groceries to your shopping cart. You might need extra gas in your car, or even a trip to the car wash. You could also meet your friends for happy hour after work or use it to buy craft supplies to keep the kids occupied during their summer break. We hope our winners find something enjoyable to spend their $20 prize money on!

Thanks for entering PrizeLoot. Be sure to visit daily to get your entries for the chance to win our free giveaways. That could be anything from a large sum of loot to a new smartphone, television, or the ultimate coffee maker. Whatever you like, you can enter to win. That can be certain prizes you want, or all of them! It’s always free and simple to enter. Just be sure to spell your email correctly and use the one you check the most frequently. That’s how we’ll let you know if you’re a winner!