PrizeLoot June 2022 Winner Roundup

It’s been another incredibly fun month of giveaways here at PrizeLoot and we’re always excited to see new names on the winner’s list! Whether it’s a prize, a gift card, or some loot, getting a winner email is always exciting and we hope everyone who opened their email to find a message saying you’ve won is super happy about it! We’re always thrilled to let someone know they’ve won!

Heather C. of Ephraim, Utah, won the Kindle Fire 7 Table giveaway on June 2, which is always a wonderful prize to receive. This popular tablet device is portable enough to take with you on the go so you can enjoy your favorite activities wherever you are, like entering PrizeLoot!

Lyn E. from Long Beach, New York, may be heading outside to lounge in the sun with her new iPad in hand since she won the iPad 10.2” Retina Screen prize drawing on June 9. Congrats Lyn! This is another popular giveaway since it’s also a portable tablet device you can do so many things on. You can download your favorite apps, email, text and message friends and family, watch the news, weather, tv shows and movies, listen to music, play games, and anything else you like to do online!

Michael C. in Paducah, Kentucky, also won a very cool prize this month after his entry was selected in the Google Nest Hub prize drawing on June 14. Now you can really be the king of all you survey and the master controller of your connected smart home devices. You can also watch YouTube videos and play music, check the weather, view your Google Calendar, get Google answers, and even create your own photo albums to display. That’s really fun!

Geraldine O. of Mission Hills, California, may be wondering why her neighbors are gathered outside with their noses in the air. We’re pretty sure it’s because they may think a new coffee shop opened up nearby when it’s actually the aroma of a fresh brewed pot coming from Geraldine’s kitchen since she won the Cuisinart 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker on June 16! This is always a big hit with coffee lovers since it’s among the best home brew coffee makers you can get. We hope you love it, Geraldine!

Margaret D. from Coatesville, Pennsylvania, won the $20 Daily Cash prize drawing on June 21! That’s a great way to kick off the official start to summer. Maybe you’ll head outside when you hear the ice cream man and buy everyone in your household a cold pop or cone. That would be a cool treat!

Lori W. in Fair Grove, Missouri, can buy some new clothes for summer since she won the $50 Gap Gift Card prize drawing on June 21. Whether you shop online or head to the store, there are many options of where you can spend it since it’s also accepted at Gap affiliates and Factory outlet stores, including Old Navy and Athleta.

Lily D. of Aurora, Illinois, also has some extra spending money since she won the $200 Cash Prize drawing on June 30! What a fantastic time of year to come into some extra money. You might decide to have a party and invite your favorite people over for a fun 4th of July holiday weekend barbecue, or maybe you’ll just order some party platters from one of your favorite restaurants and relax on your lounge chair with a cold beverage while you wait for delivery!

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Keep in mind that once a prize drawing is held, we reset that giveaway to a new drawing date, so if you don’t win this time, there are always more free entries available for the chance to win the next one. So be sure to make entering PrizeLoot a part of your daily routine! Have fun entering and best of luck winning prizes and loot!