Prizeloot June 2021 Winners

Whether you win a cash prize, a fun electronic device like a computer or television, something useful like a cordless drill or coffee maker or something fun like a Fitbit Activity Tracker, it’s always super exciting winning prizes and loot!

Elizabeth G. of Laredo, Texas, is no stranger to the winner list and she’s just done it again! Congrats on winning the amazing 50” 4K Ultra HD TV on June 3, 2021! Here’s a player who, we’re certain, doesn’t miss a single daily entry. That’s the way to maximize your chances to win prizes and loot! Congrats, Elizabeth! We’re super impressed how dedicated you are to entering and it certainly did pay off!

Freda A. in Lemont, Illinois, can now be the master of all she surveys since she just won the super impressive Google Nest Hub on June 8! Now, you’ve got your household and more at your voice-controlled command with all of the amazing things you can do in this convenient central control hub! Enjoy it, Freda!

Sam M. in Logan, West Virginia, might be styling in some new summer shorts and cool graphic tees since he can shop at the GAP and its affiliates with the $50 GAP gift card he won on June 10! Whether you shop online or at one of their locations, you’ll most certainly have fun deciding what to buy from their vast selection!

Lawrence H. of Abilene, Texas, also has $50 to spend since he won our $50 Visa Gift Card giveaway on June 15! This is even better than cash, since you can spend it online or just about anywhere you can think of! That sure opens up a lot of possibilities and we hope you have a great time exploring all of the ways you can spend it!

Inna M. from Van Alstyne, Texas, won’t have to worry about bringing her favorite devices to the lake since she can carry and store them in the Yeti Hopper Sidekick Dry she won on June 17! You can take this on a mad dash in the rain or on vacation to your favorite seaside destination and not worry one bit about your phone, tablet or other valuables getting wet or dirty. That’s always a comforting reassurance!

Dalline R. of Owasso, Oklahoma, will certainly be having some summertime fun with the $200 Cash Prize she won on June 24! Whether you use it on your vacation, shop for decorative backyard accessories or even throw a fun party and invite all your friends and family, it sure is fun spending free loot, no matter what you choose to spend it on. Enjoy, Dalline!

Ted B. in Whippany, New Jersey, might be whipping around the block, speed walking, now that he can actually see how many calories he burns since he just won the FitBit Activity Tracker on June 29! This is a great prize for anyone who wants to get or stay in shape, see how well and long you sleep, or not, and monitor your weight and fitness goals. It sure is easier when you have this smart watch device to assist you!

Congrats also go out to every one of our players who won the $20 Daily Cash Giveaway this month! Hey, it’s summer and you’ve got $20 free cash in your pocket you can use for anything you’d like. Perhaps you’ll take a walk to the ice cream shop after dinner and buy everyone a cool delicious treat. Or, maybe you’d like to relax and get your nails done or get a new haircut at the barber shop. You could also use it to order your favorite pizza delivery or even have a great breakfast or lunch at your favorite coffee shop or diner. No matter how you spend it, or save it as your lucky $20, it’s free cash we give away to one player each and every day just for entering our free sweepstakes!

PrizeLoot is always 100% free to enter every day and is super easy with no gimmicks, catches or strings attached. Our site is very straightforward, easy, quick to enter and fun! We offer tons of cool prizes and lots of loot! Just be sure to enter with a real email address, preferably your main one. The reason being, that’s the only way we’ll notify you if you win a prize or some loot! Have fun and good luck winning the prizes you want! Keep an eye on your email and check out our winners list. We hope to see your name on there really soon!