PrizeLoot July 2023 Winner Roundup

Summer is certainly a great time of year to win an awesome prize or some loot! That could definitely enhance your plans and add to your fun and happiness! With so many great giveaways, you can pick what you’d like to win, or enter all of them! It’s always free and super easy to submit your daily entries. You never know which entry will be chosen in any of our random prize drawings, so be sure to submit them all and the next winning entry just may be one of yours!

Vanessa J. from Rochester, Minnesota, may have some neighbors snooping around to see where that incredible aroma is coming from since she won the Cuisinart 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker on July 6! This is definitely a coffee lovers dream machine that brews the perfect pot or as many cups as you need! The built-in water filter ensures every sip is simply delightful and every cup you pour will be as good as the first one! For any coffee drinkers in the vicinity, you’re sure to get some smiling faces showing up for a cup of fresh brewed java, and that might be a nice way to spend some quality time together!

David M. of Traverse City, Michigan, might also be smiling now that he won the YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry on July 11! This is a fantastic accessory to ensure your valuables and devices, like your cell phone, stay secure and dry no matter where your travels take you. That could be to the beach, out fishing for the day, dashing across town in the rain, or even sitting pool side to enjoy your own back yard! No matter where you are, your sidekick has your things covered so you never have to worry about running for a bag of rice to dry your phone out!

Sean P. in Biloxi, Mississippi, has some extra loot to enjoy spending since he won the $50 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on July 13! That’s a lucky day for sure! No matter how you want to spend it, Visa is so widely accepted, it could be anywhere on anything! You could head to the Edgewater Mall to browse the stores and find something new to buy that you’ve always wanted to get. You might also decide to drive over to the nearest grocery store or deli to fill your cooler for a fun day at the beach! No matter what you choose, we hope you enjoy having that loot to pay for something exciting!

Speaking of excitement, we’re sure Dale D. of Baltimore, Maryland, is completely thrilled to have won the $3,333 Cash Sweepstakes prize drawing on July 20! That sure is a whole lotta loot to have on hand for whatever you’ve been dreaming of! You might take your family on a relaxing vacation to enjoy some place you’ve always wished to visit. You could head to the Eastport Mall for a wild shopping spree to buy anything you want on a whim! You might also treat your family to a fabulous dinner out at your favorite restaurant to celebrate winning all that loot! The list of choices is endless, and we hope you have the time of your life with your prize money on hand to pay for anything your heart desires! It sure is fabulous winning all that loot! Congratulations!

Ernest R. from Skaneateles, New York, is also having a fun time since he won the Google Nest Hub on July 27! This is an awesome device to manage all of your Google apps, connect your smart home devices and be the master of all you survey from one amazing dashboard! You can pair it with any operating system on your favorite devices, access Google Voice Assistant to help you with your tasks and finding things you need to know, and you can even color match the ambient lighting, so your room is set to the vibes that suit your personal taste and style! Plus, with multi-room audio and a full range speaker, you can certainly whistle while you work from any room, or even entertain your guests with some soothing sounds of your favorite tunes! You can also leave relaxation music on for your pets to enjoy! 

Congrats to our many $20 Daily Cash Winners this month! We give this cash prize away every day, so be sure to include it in your daily entries. It’s free money you can spend freely! That could be a nice lunch at your favorite café, a manicure or pedicure, a haircut, extra gas in your car, a pizza delivery or take out meal from your favorite go to place, or even an extra nice tip for your Amazon driver or other delivery person who you so appreciate seeing come to your doorstep. It’s always kind to show extra gratitude for the effort they make to get your packages to you on time!

We hope all of this month’s winners totally enjoy their prize or loot! We invite you to visit daily and keep entering to win! Remember, it only takes a single entry being chosen to win something fabulous, and the next winning entry just may be one of yours! So, don’t miss out on that incredible possibility. Keep entering and submitting every available entry each day so you don’t miss the chance to become a PrizeLoot winner!