PrizeLoot July 2022 Winner Roundup

It’s been another exciting month here at PrizeLoot and we are completely thrilled to welcome new winners to the list for July 2022! There truly is nothing like getting an email saying you’ve won a fantastic prize or an amazing sum of loot! On top of that, we give $20 to one entrant every day which they can collect as a check in the mail, PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card, which is certainly a fun way to spend it!

Roldan R. is no doubt also having a lot of fun now that he can watch all of his favorite programs in Ultra High Definition since winning the 50” 4K Ultra HD TV giveaway on July 7! Aside from the large screen with LED backlighting for the clearest picture quality, the sound is also superb, making any viewing experience feel like you’re really there in person! Plus, with three convenient HDMI ports, you can hook up your favorite gaming or streaming devices to add to your enjoyment! Have fun, Roldan, and congratulations on your fabulous prize win!

Frederick L. of West Sacramento, California, may be heading down to the coast and bringing his favorite devices since he can protect them in the new Yeti Hopper Dry Sidekick he won on July 14! This is another amazing prize we just love to give away since Yeti has the reputation of being made to last and with this sidekick you can dash through the rain, hang out on the beach, or go anywhere with your devices secure from the elements!

Michael C. from Charleston, West Virginia, is definitely have some fun now that he has the super cool Remote Control Quadcopter to play with after winning the prize drawing on July 21! Whether you need to check your roof and gutters, tour around your home or neighborhood, fly up to see the birds up close nesting in your trees, or take aerial view photos of a backyard party, there is certainly a lot of ways you can have a great time with this drone! Enjoy it, Michael!

Jennifer G. in Arvada, Colorado, may be stepping up her fitness plans now that she has a little help from her new friend the Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker that she won on July 28! Whether you’re a power walker, jogger, hiker, or just want to see how many steps you take in an average day, your Fitbit can track that and much more. You can also see how well you sleep, log your water intake, keep track of your heart rate, see how many calories you’re burning, and even wear it to swim those laps since it’s water resistant too! It’s fun to set goals and track your progress and we hope you fully enjoy it, Jennifer!

Congratulations to our many $20 Daily Cash winners this month including Lloyd M. of Huron, South Dakota, who may be heading into town to have his favorite meal at Dairy Queen after winning the $20 Daily Giveaway on July 1. After all, who doesn’t love a melty grilled cheese with fries and a chocolate shake for lunch?! Plus, when you eat at DQ you’re helping them to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, so that makes a trip there extra special in helping to making a difference!

Deon H. of Senatobia, Mississippi, also has some extra loot in his pocket, which could come in handy on the next shopping trip to Walmart to pick up some extra groceries or whatever you many need to buy. Or you may decide to head to your favorite drive thru, like Sonic, and treat yourself to a tasty lunch since you can buy it with the $20 you won on July 3!

Kate Y. in San Diego, California, may be heading to her favorite smoothie shop for a healthy fruit shake before going to work since she can buy it with the $20 she won in the Daily Cash Prize drawing on July 14. Whether you like berries, citrus, mangos or could use a nice cold cleanser, there’s no doubt you have a wide assortment of selections in your sunny city! That’s one way you could enjoy your loot!

William H. of Montgomery, West Virginia, also has some extra walking around money since he won the $20 Daily Cash prize drawing on July 26. Perhaps you’ll head downtown and order your favorite burger, fries, and fountain soda at Burger Carte Foods, since it’s a great nostalgic place for awesome burgers in a good old fashioned soda shop with outdoor picnic tables and 70’s music playing on the P.A. Sounds like that might be a great way to enjoy your loot!

Congrats to all the winner’s this month and thanks to everyone who entered. We hope you keep entering every day for all of the giveaways we have coming up! From really large cash prizes to television and computer giveaways, to cool devices, fun toys like the Quadcopter, gift cards, and more, we’ve got a terrific assortment of sweepstakes you can enter for free every day. We hope you enjoy entering and wish everyone the best of good luck for winning prizes and loot!