PrizeLoot January 2024 Winner Roundup

The new year is off to a great start with lots of prize giveaways being awarded to our lucky winners! If you love easy to enter free sweepstakes with great prizes including cash, merchandise and gift cards, PrizeLoot is the site to make part of your day. It’s fast to enter, and only requires a valid email address. That’s how we contact our lucky winners to issue their prize award completely free!

Carolyn J. of Ocala, Florida, knows that winning feeling since she won the Motorola Smartphone prize drawing on January 4! What fantastic news and now you’re all set with a new phone to enjoy everything you like to do! And this phone can do it all so go ahead and make calls, text, go online to shop, catch up with friends and family on social media, take photos and videos, watch movies, video chat, and don’t worry about security because you are protected with fingerprint login technology so no one can access your data but you! Plus, if you happen to spill your beverage or drop it in the rain, it’s also water resistant, so no need to panic or rush home for a bag of rice to dry it out!

Penelope C. of Opp, Alabama, has some spending money now that she won the $50 Visa Gift Card Prize drawing on January 9! That could be perfect timing if you still have something on your holiday wish list you didn’t get. You can also use it to pay a bill, shop online or at your favorite stores, go out to eat, or whatever you’d like to do since Visa is accepted virtually everywhere! You might even head over to the farmer’s market to pick out some fresh ingredients to make some great meals for your family! That’s another of many options since you can spend it on whatever you choose to!

Terri K. in Centerville, Utah, has a great reason to stay in shape, and a great device to help her do so since she won the FitBit Charge Activity Tracker on January 11, just in time to elevate your fitness routine to start working off those extra holiday calories! Now you can track your calorie burning progress, see how many steps you get in on an average day or during your morning walk or jog, monitor your active and resting heart rate, see how well you sleep or not, set reminders with text alerts so you know it’s time to put your phone down and unwind for the evening, which can contribute to a better night’s sleep!

Chris G. from Orlando, Florida, might be taking his family to their favorite water park without worrying about his phone and valuables getting wet since he won the YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry on January 18! That could be great timing if the kids have been bugging you to go to Universal Volcano Bay. Now you don’t have to worry if that big splash comes over the side and hits your belongings because your YETI will keep them perfectly dry! Now that’s a great companion to have on any adventurous fun filled water park, pool or beach day!

Linda D. of North, South Carolina, is starting the new year with a cool new tablet since she won the iPad w/10.2” Retina Screen on January 25! If you’ve never owned a tablet, or even if you have, you’re going to just love having an iPad! First, you can take it anywhere because it’s so portable you can even put it in your purse or carry-on bag if you’re traveling. Second, you can do all the things you love including using your favorite apps, connecting on social media, checking email, managing household bills and banking, playing games, streaming movies and tv shows, watching your favorite podcasts and YouTube channels, and so much more! Have fun with it, Linda!

Debbie D. of Breese, Illinois, can make the best coffee ever in a breeze now that she won the Cuisinart 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker on January 30! You’ll certainly feel like a barista with this amazing coffee maker at your disposal! There’s no doubt everyone will be dropping by for a delicious cup once they get a whiff of that incredible aroma coming from your kitchen. Or you may decide to set up a special coffee station somewhere in your house, like you den or great room and invite your book club to your place for the next meeting! No matter who you make coffee for, one thing is certain, you can now brew the best home coffee possible and that’s always a good thing for coffee lovers. Enjoy it!

We’d also like to say congrats to all of our $20 Daily Cash Winners this month! This is a prize we award to someone each and every day because anyone can use some extra walking around money. That could be for extra gas in your car, a nice lunch at the local café or your favorite drive-thru window, or even a relaxing manicure or haircut and shave at the barber shop. We hope each of our daily winners enjoys having some extra cash to spend on something that makes them feel happy!

Keep entering PrizeLoot! It’s always free to enter any or all of our giveaways every day. Just be sure to use the email address you check the most often because whatever email you enter is where you will be notified if you win any of our prizes, which go as high as $499,999 Cash! Best of luck to everyone and we hope to see you on the Winners List soon for the first time, or again because there are always new chances available every day to win!