PrizeLoot February 2024 Winner Roundup

It’s been a fantastic month for winning PrizeLoot and we’re pretty excited to see so many winners on the list! We’re sure our lucky winners must be thrilled as well. After all, getting a winner email message is enough to make anyone’s day a whole lot brighter!

Teddy Q. in Fayetteville, North Carolina, landed some loot on February 1st, when his entry was chosen in the $100 Cash Giveaway! That’s definitely happy news to get in your email and we’re glad you didn’t miss that important message from us! Now you might decide to celebrate and do something enjoyable with your prize money. That could be a nice dinner for two at Luigi’s Italian Chophouse, where the cozy atmosphere, great food and nice people are sure to make it a memorable time!

Sam M. of Logan, West Virginia, might be planning a fishing trip with his buddies and now he doesn’t have to worry about taking his phone and other valuables along since he can keep them safe and dry in the YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry he won on February 6th! If fly fishing in the river is your jam, your sidekick can stay right by your side in case you need to take out your phone to call home to tell someone to start the grill because you’re bringing home a fresh catch for dinner!

Greg N. from Fredericksburg, Virginia, is certain to be having some fun times with the Remote Control Quadcopter Drone he won on February 8th! Whether you want a birds eye view of your property or perhaps to check your gutters, or maybe you have a family event coming up and you can record it to share with everyone afterwards, this device is sure to impress! You can even give your guests a tour of your neighborhood in real time if you want to show everyone around without leaving the house. Pretty neat!

Corinne S. in Holt, Michigan, is now the mistress of all she surveys since she won the Google Nest Hub on February 13th! This awesome device will be your new best friend giving you access to everything you need from a single dashboard. That means you can control any of your smart home devices like lights and cameras, keep your daily action organized using Google Calendar and any of your favorite Google apps, see the weather and outside temperature at a glance, and use Google to get answers to anything you need to know using your voice to ask it! You’ll also enjoy music, YouTube videos and ambient lighting since you can set the color and mood for any room you choose to put it in!

Catherine M. of Waxahachie, Texas, has some shopping money to enjoy since winning the $50 Gap Gift Card on February 15th. That sure is a fun prize to win since you can shop online or in store at Gap or any of its affiliates like Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and their factory and premium outlet stores too! That gives you quite a wide selection of choices to find clothes you are sure to absolutely love and feel good wearing!

Sarah L. from Cuddebackville, New York, is certainly happy since she won the $200 Cash Giveaway on February 22nd! That’s definitely wonderful news to get in your email and now you might decide to go out and have some fun with it! That could be a fun family time out to go bowling, have dinner, and perhaps see a movie afterwards to round out your great day together! That’s just one idea of many ways having that extra loot in your wallet can be enjoyed!

Roberta B. in Franklin, Kentucky, also has some extra loot in her wallet since winning the $100 Cash Giveaway on February 29th. That is definitely a reason to leap for joy since you won on Leap Day, which is certainly a lucky sign and could be the start of more good things to come!

A big shoutout to all of our $20 Daily Cash Winners this month too! We give this loot to someone every day because everyone can use a bit more walking around money! We hope you all enjoy it and spend it on something that makes you feel happy!

Thanks for entering PrizeLoot, everyone! Keep entering because there are always more giveaways coming up! Just be sure to use your favorite email and check it often so you don’t miss any exciting news, like a prize win!