February 2021 Winners

It’s another super exciting month here at PrizeLoot and we’re always excited when we get to announce our lucky winners! First, we’d like to congratulate Bonnie W. in Woodsboro, Texas, who sure got the exciting surprise of her life when we notified her to let her know she won the whopping $2,500 Cash Prize Giveaway on February 11! Now that’s some fine haul of loot and we know Bonnie is just overjoyed at winning! That can certainly elevate some things in your life, like a nice dream vacation getaway or even just pay off those credit card bills and relax knowing you don’t owe all that money anymore. There’s a welcomed relief you can enjoy! You could also use it to buy some of those high-end kitchen gadgets the celebrity chefs always use and even finally buy that Kitchen Aid mixer you've always wanted! We’re sure your family would certainly enjoy all of the tasty treats you could whip up with ease with your kitchen equipped with all the latest fabulous tools! Enjoy your prize money, Bonnie! We’re super delighted to award it to you!

Debbie M. in Attica, Indiana, is no doubt enjoying the Google Nest Hub she won on February 2! What a cool prize! Now, you can manage your household devices from one simple dashboard. Who’s definitely Queen of the Castle now?! You can also enjoy all of your favorite Google activities and entertainment with ease including watching anything you like on YouTube with the command of your voice! If you’re a tad jealous that Debbie won this fantastic prize, don’t despair! We’re giving another one away soon, so be sure to keep claiming your daily entries to maximize your chances of becoming our next lucky winner! We’d love to send you a winner email message and arrange to deliver your Google Nest Hub completely free of charge!

Mark B. from Elizabeth, New Jersey, must certainly be playing Prize Craze and enjoying keeping in touch with family and friends on the new Motorola E5 Smartphone he just won on February 4! Now, there’s an upgrade to your slow old not so smart phone we’re sure you’re enjoying to the max! With the sleek bezel design, you’ll have no problem holding it to easily go about your day with confidence since it also has secure fingerprint technology too. So, no worries about someone snooping on your messages. It’s all you on the new Motorola E5! Enjoy it, Mark! We’re giving this prize away again, so don’t forget to keep entering and tell all of your friends so they can enter to for chances to win one too!

Jozlyn H. of Menasha, Wisconsin, is no doubt gearing up for warm weather fitness with the new FitBit Charge 3 Activity Tracker she won on February 9! Just in time to count those steps while you enjoy the fresh outdoor air with Spring just around the corner! You can also count your steps throughout your daily activities which add up more than you may realize, but now that you have the FitBit technology you won’t need to guess if you’re getting enough daily activity! Enjoy it Jozlyn! Keep entering everyone! If you’d like to win this fantastic prize, we’ll be giving away another one really soon!

Tom H. of Eagle, Colorado, also won the Motorola E5 Smartphone on February 16! We just love when our players win cool prizes and this is indeed very cool! Now you can do all the things you need to online and stay in touch with family and friends easily. Plus, you can watch your favorite shows, surf the web and, of course, play your favorite sweepstakes games like PrizeLoot every day! You’ll also enjoy taking fantastic photos in any type of lighting conditions so don’t worry you’ll miss a great shot if it’s too dark! You won’t miss it! Have fun, Tom!

Brenda G. of Broussard, Louisiana, is surely having some fun too with the $50 Visa Card she won on February 17! Since you can use Visa just about anywhere you can imagine, you could easily enjoy a nice dinner for two, buy a new outfit, use it to pay your bills, or even buy groceries. You can no doubt spend it online at your favorite retail site or even use it to surprise someone you love with a fabulous gift or home cooked dinner for two! Enjoy your prize money, Brenda! We’re so happy you won and hope you have fun spending it!

Mark K. in Veedersburg, Indiana, is certainly the Java King now that he can brew like a pro with the Cuisinart 12-cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker he won on February 18! This coffee maker will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! You can set it to brew when you want your coffee ready, pour a cup without spillage with the automatic brew-pause feature. Not to worry if you left it on either, because it will turn itself off automatically and keep your coffee hot afterwards in the awesome thermal carafe which you can set on the table so the whole family can pour their own cup at the breakfast table! We love this coffee maker so much we give one away frequently, so if you’d like to win one next be sure to keep entering every day to maximize your chances of becoming our next lucky winner!

George N. of Anchor Point, Alaska, no doubt has a spring in his step even if it’s cold outside since he just won $200 Cash on February 23! There’s nothing like having free cash to spend any way you choose! That’s a tidy sum of money you could certainly use to enjoy some fun things! You could enjoy a fun shopping excursion on Cabela’s and upgrade some of your gear for those adventurous Alaska outings! With $200 in your bank account, you’re sure to enjoy exploring the vast array of selections they offer. That in itself is a great adventure! Have fun, George. Congrats on winning all that loot! Keep entering. We’ll be giving this cash prize away again to one lucky winner very soon!

Ted B. in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, just might be taking an adventure around his house to see what he can fix up with the new Black & Decker Cordless Drill he just won on February 25! It's so compact and light-weight you can easily use it for all of your home and garden projects. So, if you need to keep the cute little bunny rabbits out of your tomato plants, you can easily build a tomato cage in no time with your new drill! In fact, you can tackle all of your home projects with ease and start crossing them off of your “to do” list. You’ll certainly feel a proud sense of accomplishment now that you can get so many things done with this handy new drill! Plus, it’s rechargeable, so no need to worry about an extension cord or nearby outlet to plug it in. Enjoy it, Ted!

We’d also like to say thank you to all of our fantastic players who enter every day and give a shout out to some of our many $20 Daily Cash Prize winners. Congrats to: Mary Cile C. of Ephrata, Washington, who won on February 1, Christina M. of Ravenna, Ohio, who won on February 3, James H. of Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, won on February 4, Linda L. of Fairhope, Alabama, is our lucky winner for February 7, Mitra R. in New York, New York, won on February 10, and Mike L. of Portland, Oregon, won on February 15. For a complete list of winners feel free to check out our Winners Page and don’t forget to keep an eye on your email. We award $20 cash to one lucky player every single day. That can come in handy for daily walking around money for lunch, gas or even to buy yourself something new like a nice pair of flip flops to hit the beach this summer! Whatever you use it for, it’s free money so enjoy it everyone!

Keep in mind, Prizeloot is always 100% free to join and enter our sweepstakes every day. Be sure to use a valid email address because that’s how we notify our winners and send special prize entry opportunities that may not necessarily be on the website. We hope you enjoy the wide selection of prizes available to enter for chances to win. Entering our sweepstakes is super easy and fun. Just click the prize you’d like to win and enter your email address above the blue “Enter to Win” button, then click that button. That’s it! Be sure to keep an eye on your email. If you win, we’ll notify you at the address you registered with your entries. Also, keep an eye on the expiration of the prize sweepstake so you can be sure to maximize all of your daily chances to win until the contest ends. You can enter every day for any and all of the prizes you’d like to win up to five times daily. PrizeLoot also awards $20 to one lucky winner every single day so be sure to get your five entries in. While $20 is certainly not our biggest prize, it’s definitely guaranteed to one lucky winner every single day so you can have some fun with free cash! Enjoy entering and we hope to see your name on the winners list soon!