PrizeLoot December 2022 Winner Roundup

The last month of the year can certainly be the most exciting, especially with the anticipation of holiday preparations, fun festivities and family gatherings. It’s also a great time to win prizes and loot! That could mean money for extra presents, holiday food and new decorations. Winning a prize during the holiday season makes it extra special too because you could use it as a gift for someone on your nice list, or win something to keep for yourself so you can enjoy it!

Lucinda T. of Belvidere, Illinois, will be enjoying many cups of her favorite coffee and perhaps preparing specialty coffee drinks for her guests now that she won the Cuisinart 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker on December 1! For coffee lovers, this is truly a dream machine! Whether you want to brew a whole pot, or just a couple of cups, you’ll enjoy the perfect cup every time! If you can’t wait for that first sip, the no drip feature lets you take the pot off and pour one before the brew cycle completes! Add to that, the taste will surely impress any coffee drinker with the built-in filtration and coffee grinder features so you’re sure to have the freshest and most flavorful coffee you can get at home! We hope you enjoy it, Lucinda, and impress your guests too!

John H. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, put some extra loot in his wallet this month after winning the $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway on December 6! That’s as good as cash, or perhaps even better, since you can spend it just about anywhere you could possibly want to whether that’s online or somewhere while you’re out and about. That could also come in handy during the holidays for shopping, or maybe even a nice lunch out at your favorite place to catch up with a dear friend. No matter what you need to pay for, your Visa Gift Card will definitely come in handy, and we hope you enjoy spending it on something fun and memorable, John!

Ron W. from Fairfield, Iowa, may be touring the neighborhood holiday decorations with an awesome ariel view now that he won the Remote Control Quadcopter Drone on December 8! This is a super fun toy for kids of all ages, and everyone is sure to be excited when you fly over to take their photos or show them video footage you filmed over the Christmas parade and festivites in town. There are so many ways to enjoy having this drone. You can even fly it up to check your gutters to see if ice is creating a clog from the recent snow. With two batteries giving you 40 minutes of flight time, you’re sure to have lots of great adventures filming videos and taking pictures to share with everyone.

Cheryl M. of Williamsport, Indiana, also has some extra loot to enjoy the holiday season even more now that she won the $200 Cash Giveaway on December 15, with plenty of time left for gift buying, meal planning and perhaps adding some new twinkle lights for your front window. You may even decide to meet a friend for lunch and do some holiday shopping together to catch up and enjoy a fun outing. That’s sure to be way more fun with an extra $200 in your wallet!

Kathleen R. in Canyon Country, California, can call, text and connect with everyone on her list this season since she has a new Motorola E5 Smartphone after winning the prize drawing on December 22! That’s a fantastic prize to win just in the nick of time to take great holiday photos too so you can share them with everyone special in your life. You can also tune in to your favorite holiday music on the radio, or any of the stations you love, since this phone has a built-in FM receiver. That’s a really fantastic feature to have among many things this phone offers, and we hope you enjoy discovering them all, Kathleen!

Stephanie M. from Woodland Hills, California, may be checking off her New Year’s “to do” list after getting to those odd jobs with ease since she won the Black & Decker Cordless Drill on December 29! Whether you want to hang those decorative hooks and cool new hanging basket shelves Santa brought you this year, do some repairs or even assemble a new piece of furniture, you’ll have plenty of options of what you can use your new drill to accomplish! Of course, you could also hand the drill and the list to your significant other and go sit on the porch with a nice cup of tea and your favorite book. That’s entirely up to you!

A big shoutout also goes to our many $20 Daily Cash Winners this month. We give $20 to someone every day and, hey it’s free cash you can spend on anything you’d like to. That could buy a nice lunch, put extra gas in your car, pay for a manicure or a haircut, or you may decide to donate it to someone in need to put a smile on their face to show you care by helping them out with a kind gesture. Congrats to all of our December daily winners including Jerry C. of Spooner, Wisconsin, Robert D. from Niagara Falls, New York, Ann T. in Champaign, Illinois, Wanda C. from Newburgh, New York, Maureen V. of Merrillville, Indiana, Teresa K. in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Claudette S. of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. For the full list, visit our Winners page. We hope if you’re not on that list yet, you will be soon!

Just remember to visit our site daily to submit your free entries for the chance to win prizes and loot! It’s simple to enter by filling in your email address and it’s always completely free to enter and collect your prize. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy entering to win. You can choose what you like or enter all of our free sweepstakes giveaways. That includes cash as high as $499,999 and $77,777.77 as well as $3,333, which are our top prizes. We also have electronics like a cool 50” Ultra High-Definition 4K Television, a new iPad, a very cool Google Nest Hub, a super cool Yeti Hopper Sidekick and more! Just be sure to enter with the email address you check the most frequently because that’s where we’ll notify you if you win and arrange to send your prize award! We wish everyone the very best in the New Year and sincerely hope you win the prize or loot you are wishing for!