PrizeLoot December 2021 Winner Roundup

The month of December sure was an even merrier one for our sweepers who received an exciting prize winner email after being chosen in one of our drawings to win a great prize or some loot! That’s always a fantastic message to receive and we’re delighted when we get to send some good cheer in the form of a prize winner message to one of our fabulous sweepers!

Starting off this month’s list of happy winners is Freda A. of Lemont, Illinois, who won the super awesome YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry on December 2. We don’t know if you have plans to go skiing, or even head up a tailgate party at your favorite game, but you’ll certainly be covered with your new YETI. You can bring your phone, wallet, keys and anything you need to keep safe and dry without a worry in the world since your sidekick is completely waterproof and closes securely! You can even use it to head to the lakeside cabin or your favorite beach any time of year and be assured your belongings will be safe! Have a great time, Freda, wherever your travels lead you with your YETI Hopper by your side!

Speaking of super awesome prize wins, our next winner, Frederick L. from Sacramento, California, won the amazing Remote Control Quadcopter Drone on December 9! This is among our favorite prizes because kids of all ages can have a blast flying it around, taking photos and videos and even record an aerial view of a special occasion so everyone can enjoy seeing those lasting memories and sharing them with friends!

Donna C. in Ballico, California, may already be a fitness buff, but now she can up her plan since she won the FitBit Charge 3 Activity Tracker on December 14, just in time to gear up to walk off those holiday calories and take a few extra laps around the block or down the walking path! Add to that, you can see how well you sleep, or not, log your water intake and even keep track of your caloric input. The more you use your FitBit, the more ways you’ll discover how truly incredible its features are. It can even remind you when it’s time to wind down for the day and get ready for bed. Pretty nifty!

Speaking of nifty, Kenn B. of Palm Coast, Florida, won the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet on December 16, with plenty of time to do his online holiday shopping and send out electronic greetings to family and friends. This handy little device can handle your daily tasks, entertainment, communications and more. Plus, with its sleek pocket-sized portability, you can take with you anywhere!

Dawn S. from Spotsylvania, Virginia, also has a nifty new portable tablet device since she won the iPad w/10” Retina Screen on December 22! What a cool prize this is and, with all the functionality, you can do just about anything from anywhere you are including surf the web, create and print documents, enjoy your favorite apps, FaceTime with family and friends, take and save photos and videos and read or listen to your favorite books or watch your favorite movies and programs. Plus, if you’ve got to dash, you can fit it in your purse and take it on the go! Have fun, Dawn!

Don’t forget, while you’re entering to win all of the fantastic prizes we offer, we also award $20 Cash to one player every day. So, be sure to check your email messages and be on the lookout for winner notifications. You can collect your prize money as a check mailed to your postal mailing address, a direct PayPal payment into your account, or a super fun Amazon Gift Card, because who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon?!

Congrats to all the PrizeLoot sweepers who won the $20 daily cash prize award including Levieux B. of Brooklyn, New York, Roy P. from Nolensville, Tennessee, Billie D. in Lockport, New York, Alvin B. of Greenville, South Carolina, Lisa Z. in Pacifica, Washington, Charlie M. from Birmingham, Alabama, and Laura J. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, along with every one of our players who got that fun email message this month! It’s our way of thanking you for playing PrizeLoot and, hey, it’s free money you can spend any way you choose to. That could pay for a nice lunch out with a friend or a few trips through your favorite drive thru. You could use it to get a haircut or get your nails done. You might even gift it to someone in need and bring some good cheer to make someone’s day!

If you haven’t won yet, or even if you have, keep entering! Make PrizeLoot a part of your day and enter for each prize you’d like to win. You can see when the prize drawings will be held by looking at each prize description page. By entering daily, you’ll be claiming every possible chance of becoming the next winner! We’d love nothing more than to make your day with an awesome winner message letting you know you’ve won a cool prize or some awesome loot!