PrizeLoot August 2023 Winner Roundup

If you love winning prizes and loot, PrizeLoot is the site to do just that. With free easy entries available every day, you can enter to win cash as high as $499,999, plus cool merchandise like a new television, computer tablet or smart phone. We’ve also got some fun stuff like a Quadcopter Helicopter Drone, a Google Nest Hub, a Yeti Hopper Sidekick and lots more! So, be sure to visit and enter every day. You could be next up on our winners list!

Bonnie G. from Palm Harbor, Florida, landed on that list on August 1 after winning the $100 Cash Giveaway! That sure is a fun email message to open and we hope it made your day to see that you won this cash prize. That could mean a fun trip to the Countryside Mall to browse around for something new to buy. With over 100 stores, there’s sure to be some exciting possibilities awaiting. You might even bring a friend along to have a nice lunch and go to the movies afterwards. You could even drop a few bucks in the donation bin to benefit Feeding America, which networks with food pantries and meal programs around the country to help those in need. That could be a nice way to share some of your winnings with those less fortunate!

Melanie F. of Ardmore, Alabama, also has a reason to celebrate since winning the $200 Cash Giveaway on August 3! Winning money can come in handy for so many things because you can use it any way you choose to! That could mean offsetting bills, buying groceries and having your family over for a relaxing Sunday dinner, or perhaps you’ll go shopping for a new outfit to get dressed up and go out to eat at one of your favorite restaurants. You could take the whole family to Mildred’s Restaurant, where the homestyle cooking tastes like you made it yourself! Whether you head to the buffet, or order entrees at your table, there’s something for everyone to sink their teeth into with all the fresh options of country cooking specialties. That’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Linda W. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, also has a good reason to smile since she won the New iPad w/10.2” Retina Screen on August 9! If you’ve always wanted an iPad, you’re certainly going to adore everything you can do on it! Plus, it’s so easy to take with you on the go you can enjoy your favorite activities, communications, entertainment and more no matter where your day leads. You can also Facetime with friends and family members who have Apple devices, and even sync your iPhone apps so you don’t have to load them twice! That’s a nifty convenience! Plus, it’s built to last so you’re sure to keep enjoying it for a long time to come!

Bob P. of Strongsville, Ohio, has a new inspiration to add to his fitness routine now that he can include the many features of the FitBit Charge 3 Activity Tracker he won on August 15! Whether you already have a workout plan, or you’re looking to start one, the FitBit is equipped to assist in keeping track of your goals, setting new goals, and give you the power to control your plan for overall wellness. Whether you like to walk, ride your bike, run, swim, weight train, attend a yoga or fitness class, or anything you do to get in shape and stay that way your FitBit will certainly elevate any activity to get the most from it! It’s got all the features you need to see where you stand, where you can improve, and you can also log your food and water intake to make sure you’re properly burning those extra calories! 

Teresa C. from Logansport, Indiana, has a great reason to be happier now that she can connect with family and friends using the Motorola Smartphone she won on August 16! With a longer than average battery life of up to 16 hours, you don’t need to scurry to find your charger. You can enjoy watching movies, talking on the phone, surfing the web, catching up on social media, and even dash across town in the rain or enjoy a day at the beach without worrying because this phone comes complete with a water resistant case! There’s so much to love about this smart phone, we hope that’s exactly what you do!

Murry H. from Littleton, Colorado, might be feeling the love as well since he won the 50” 4K Ultra HD TV on August 23! This is another one of our super fantastic giveaways and now you can enjoy watching everything in high definition, which is a game changer when it comes to television viewing. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how realistic everything looks! You’ll certainly feel like you’re a part of any scene! That could be sideline seats for the game, a concert performance by one of your favorite bands, a who dun it movie night, or a reality tv show series you just can’t miss. Whatever you watch will be at a whole new level and there’s no going back after that!

Stephen L. also has a reason to be extra happy since he won the $100 Cash Giveaway on August 31! That’s a fantastic way to end the month with a smile on your face! Now you might celebrate Labor Day with someone special and go out for a nice dinner and see a movie, or head into town to catch your favorite local band at the pub and enjoy some pub grub like a hot roast beef sandwich, a burger with fries, or maybe you’ll try the fish and chips this time. Have fun, Stephen!

Congrats also go to our many $20 Daily Cash Giveaway Winners this month! Anyone can use a little extra pocket money, so we give this cash to someone every day. Just be sure to submit your entries when you visit PrizeLoot to enter any of our free giveaways. Entries are open to submit daily up until midnight Eastern time, after which they reset for the following day. So make sure to submit yours for any prize you want to win. We’d be delighted to send you a winner email and add your name and prize to our long list of happy winners!