PrizeLoot August 2022 Winner Roundup

There’s no better feeling in the world than opening your email to find a message saying you’ve won a great prize or some loot! After all, that’s why you enter, every day we hope! With a wide selection of prizes, there’s something everyone can look forward to the possibility of winning and you can enter every day for whatever you like, or enter all of our free sweepstakes for the chance to be a winner.

Maria E. in Phoenix, Arizona, didn’t miss the chance to enter and it paid off with a super cool Motorola E5 Smartphone prize win on August 4! This is a great prize and if you’ve never had a phone like this you’re in for a real treat! It has features like no other smartphone, such as a built-in FM radio. That’s a fun thing to have if you like to listen to your favorite stations throughout the day, catch the morning or afternoon news, check on the traffic, or just melt into some of your favorite instrumentals while you lounge on your favorite comfy chair or sofa! With an all-day battery you won’t worry about running out of juice. Enjoy it, Maria!

April C. of North Las Vegas, Nevada, might be impressing her friends with her handy work, now that she can get to that to-do list a whole lot easier with the Black & Decker Cordless Drill she won on August 11! Whether you need to hang some new pictures, put up hooks to hang plants or a fan, assemble that cool piece of furniture you bought online or complete those lingering home repair projects, this drill has you covered and then some! Of course, you can also hand your to-do list over to your significant other and go have a cold drink in the casita while you put your feet up to relax, that’s purely up to you. Either way, we hope you enjoy winning this awesome prize!

Barbara S. from Wilson, Kansas, is surely having lots of fun now that she can enjoy everything she loves to do online using the iPad 10.2” she won on August 18! Whether you have an old iPad and this is an upgrade, or this is your first time owning one, you’re sure to be impressed with all of the fun you can have. That could be downloading your favorite shopping apps, games, and entertainment and, of course, using your favorite browser to enter PrizeLoot every day! You can also connect with friends and family through email, FaceTime and social media and even get your daily tasks accomplished whether you’re at home or on the go! We hope you fully enjoy it, Barbara!

Barry K. in Havelock, North Carolina, has some spending money on hand since he won the $50 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on August 23! This is as good as cash, and sometimes better, since you can use it for just about anything you could want. That could be taking your better half out for a nice meal or maybe a few breakfasts at Waffle House because who doesn’t just love breakfast any time of day and you certainly can’t go wrong with that fresh brewed coffee they always have nice and hot!

Sandra G. is also having some extra fun since she won the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet prize drawing on August 25! This is another super popular portable tablet that we just love to give away and we know each time we do, the winner is equally happy! Now you can read books, listen to music, watch movies, play games, connect with your favorite people and more! You can also use Alexa voice assistant to find what you need, find out where your Amazon order is, check the weather, search recipes and, well, just ask Alexa and see if she has your answer to anything you’d like to know! Enjoy it!

Rebecca D. of Rockport, Massachusetts, may be heading to the beach with her favorite devices at her side since she can secure them from the elements in the new Yeti Hopper Sidekick she won on August 30, just in time to sit by the seashore and watch the Labor Day fireworks over the bay! You might even decide to pitch your tent on the beach on Cape Ann and enjoy the end of summer with your friends and you can always invite more while you’re there since you can bring your tablet or phone with you in your Yeti and snap some memorable photos and take videos of your time together too! That makes it even more special. Have fun!

We’d like to also offer our congratulations to each of this month’s $20 Daily Cash Prize Winners. We give this cash prize to someone every day and it’s always nice to find free money waiting for you in a winner email message! That could put some extra gas in your car, buy a nice lunch or two, pay for a manicure at your favorite salon or your favorite pizza delivery! So, while you’re entering for our bigger prizes, be sure to enter to win the daily cash too! One winner is chosen each day and the next one could very well be you!

Keep in mind, once a prize is drawn and the winner is chosen, we reset the prize to another giveaway date. So, if you have your eye on something you haven’t won yet and would like to, come back daily to enter until the contest ends again. We offer free daily entries for the chance to win any of our giveaways and entering is always free and easy. Just click the blue Enter Now button and fill in your primary, or favorite, email address to submit each entry. It’s that simple, quick and always completely free!

Once the drawing date arrives, a winner is chosen at random from all of the entries we’ve received during the sweepstakes period and that winner is notified at the email they entered with the winning entry. So, you can see why it’s important to enter with your best email address and type it correctly before you hit the Enter Now button. If you win, you’ll receive a winner email from us, at which time you can choose the prize itself or the cash equivalent. If you choose the cash option, you’ll have the choice of a check sent to your verified postal mailing address, a direct PayPal payment or, for you avid shoppers, we also offer an Amazon Gift Card, which is a really fun way to enjoy your loot!

So, have fun entering and good luck winning. We hope to notify you soon with a winner notification for a great prize or some fun loot!