PrizeLoot April 2024 Winner Roundup

We’re excited to welcome a new round of lucky winners and congratulate each of you on winning cool prizes and loot! It’s so exciting when you get an email saying you’ve won a fantastic giveaway which was free and simple to enter just by submitting your email address! We never require anything complicated and that’s just one of the many great reasons to visit our site and enter every day to win!

John P. of Aurora, Colorado, knows how it feels to win a big stack of loot since his entry was chosen in the $3,333 Cash Giveaway on April 4th! We know you must be off the charts happy to have gotten that exciting news, John, and we hope you have big plans for your big cash prize money! Living in a bustling metropolis, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate! You might decide to get the best seats in the house at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater to see your favorite national touring act in concert, and treat a friend or some of your family members to join you for a fabulous time! They certainly have a spectacular line up this season no matter what your taste in music is whether you’re a fan of Neil Young, Hootie & The Blowfish, Pixies, Vanilla Ice with Smash Mouth or you might even go to the Totally Tubular Festival to see that impressive lineup including Thomas Dolby, Men Without Hats and more! You could also go out for dinner before the show and get a table at View House to enjoy a great meal and drinks to start off a memorable evening out together. Of course, you’ll have plenty of loot left for other adventures and this is just an idea of one way you can have some fun with your prize money. We hope you have an incredible time and enjoy every moment of being a big PrizeLoot winner no matter what your plans are!

Willard N., also from Aurora, Colorado, also has some loot to enjoy since he won the $100 Cash Prize Giveaway on April 9th! Winning is always a great sensation and now you have that extra loot on hand to enjoy any way you want to! That could be dinner and a movie with your special someone to enjoy a relaxing evening out. You might get a table at NorthSide Tavern to enjoy elevated pub grub with a few beverages before heading to the theater to see a new release on the big screen. Or you could head straight to AMC Dine-In Southlands Theater to combine dinner and a movie in one location where they’ll bring your meal right to your comfy seats, which is a great way to relax and enjoy the amenities they offer. Have a great time, Willard! We hope you enjoy something extraordinary and celebrate being a winner!

Ryan M. from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, is sure to be brewing up the best coffee ever now that he won the Cuisinart 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker on April 11th. This is certainly a coffee lovers dream machine that brews the best flavors perfectly fresh every time! You can brew a few cups or a whole pot, and set it to start brewing in the morning which is definitely an incredible aroma to wake up to! That’s sure to get your motor going because once you catch a whiff of that fresh brew, it can definitely be a great motivator. Every coffee lover absolutely adores that smell and we’re sure you’ll also enjoy every sip every time!

Keith R. in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is now the king of all he surveys since he won the Google Nest Hub on April 16th! If you’re a fan of technology and having one convenient dashboard to monitor and control your smart home devices, this device is sure to please! Plus, you can access your Google products, use the built-in Google Assistant voice commands feature, set up audio in multiple rooms of your home, and even match the décor with ambient lighting choices. You can also check the weather, watch your favorite YouTube channels and access your Google Calendar so you never miss an important date or appointment. We hope you have fun exploring all the features this amazing console offers and hope it enhances your daily life!

Bonnie R. of Marana, Arizona, might be soaring to new heights, or at least viewing them, now that she won the Remote Control Quadcopter Drone on April 17th! This is certainly a toy built for kids of all ages whether you want to take ariel photos and videos of a family gathering, check your roof to see if that pesky woodpecker is back in action, or even tour around to see the sights while you lounge on your patio. There are lots of ways to have fun with this drone and we know you’re going to have a blast with it!

Tracy C. from Tuckerton, New Jersey, must be pretty stoked since she found out she won the New iPad w/10.2” Retina Screen on April 25th! If you’ve always dreamed of owning a tablet device, it doesn’t get much better than an iPad. Plus, you can pair it with your iPhone and enjoy all the same apps and features on a bigger screen! It’s a handy device to use at home or take on the go, or both! You’ll probably wonder how you ever got along without an iPad now that you have one. Enjoy it!

Yolanda M. of Lake Worth Florida, is also experiencing some new found enjoyment now that she won the $200 Cash Prize on April 30th! What a fantastic way to end the month with some extra loot to spend as you please! You might decide to take the kids to Fun Depot to enjoy a great day playing arcade games, racing go-karts, battling it out with laser tag, and getting a bite to eat in the café afterwards. That’s just one of many ways having prize money can cover a great time making special memories!

Congrats also go to our many $20 Daily Cash Prize winners. We award this cash prize to someone every day because everyone can use a little extra spending money. So, be sure to include this giveaway in your daily entries, and come back every day for the chance to win prizes and loot up to $499,999! It’s always fun, completely free and easy to enter to win PrizeLoot!