PrizeLoot – What Do You Want to Win?

Here at PrizeLoot we strive to offer a great selection of prizes so there’s something for everyone to enjoy entering for free chances to win. So, whether you’re going for that big pile of loot, like our $77,777.77 cash drawing, or need a new coffee maker, we offer a broad range to choose from with free entries you can claim for each prize every day!

You may be surprised to know, some of our smaller prizes are among our most popular. For example, the Cuisinart Brew Central Coffee Maker is a prize we offer on a continual basis and each time we have a winner, we receive tons of comments on social media letting us know our players really do love this prize! It is quite a fantastic top-of-the-line coffee brewer for the die-hard coffee drinker who wants that perfect cup made with freshly ground beans from their favorite roast!

The Motorola E5 Smartphone is another prize we receive many comments about each time we give one away. Players always say they’d like to win one too! That’s one of the reasons we run these sweepstakes again once they close and we choose a lucky winner. We certainly want everyone to have the chance to be a lucky winner of their favorite prizes!

The FitBit Activity Tracker is right up there in popularity and with good reason. This is a fun prize to win since there are so many ways you can enjoy all of the many features it has. Whether you need to see your sleep patterns, check your heart rate, track your fitness and how many steps you actually walk each day, or even log your food and water on a daily basis to lose or maintain your weight goals, this handy lightweight smart watch will surely impress you. So, be sure to enter if you’d like chances to become our next lucky winner!

The Black & Decker Cordless Drill is another cool prize we just love to give away because it’s not just for the professional. It comes in handy for anyone who likes to tinker around the house doing their own DIY repairs and projects. Whether you want to hang some pictures or new window blinds, or even put together that cool new portable kitchen island or TV stand you ordered online; you’ll surely have an easier time with this amazing drill. So, go ahead and keep entering for chances to win it next!

No matter which prizes you’d like to win, whether it’s something in particular or all of them, be sure to claim all of your free entries each day to maximize every opportunity we offer to be chosen as the winner. One thing that is super important in any of our sweepstakes is to be certain to fill in your email address correctly and use one that you check frequently. Since we never require a membership, your email is your entry ticket. That’s the only way we can track what you enter for and where we’ll notify you if you win so we can send your prize or payment to you.

We wish you the very best of good luck entering to win the prizes and loot you’d like to have. Thanks for playing! Be sure to keep an eye on those expiration dates, get all of your daily entries in and watch for email messages from us. We sure hope to be notifying you soon that you’ve just won a great prize or some cool loot!

By the way, feel free to follow us on Twitter @Prizeloot to stay up to date on the latest fun and excitement. We’ll remind you when prize giveaways are closing and let you know who’s been winning! Feel free to like and comment on our posts, or just say hello. We look forward to seeing you there and hope one of our upcoming winner tweets features you!