PrizeLoot Winner Spotlight ~ Melissa N. of Danbury, Connecticut

It is our great pleasure to congratulate Melissa N. of Danbury, Connecticut, on her second big win with PrizeLoot! Melissa is the winner of the 50” 4K Ultra HDTV prize drawing on October 19, 2023! You may also recognize her name as one of our recent $3,333 Cash Prize Winners earlier this year. So, in less than a year, Melissa has won two of our top sweepstakes prizes!

Our prize director caught up with our two-time winner to chat about her recent win, find out what she’s been up to and see how it feels to win another of our larger giveaways. Melissa said, “It feels great to win [again]. I was always wondering about the big prizes, but you actually do win so I’m excited!”

During our first winner interview, Melissa revealed she was having trouble with her car’s transmission and thought she would use the $3,333 cash prize money to get it fixed. Now, several months later, she’s happy to have used the money to buy new furniture for her house; both the living room and bedrooms. It’s always the winner’s prerogative to decide how to spend their loot! We’re so glad to hear that you spent it on things that make you and your family happy, Melissa!

Since her last win, Melissa went on to say that she enters as often as possible, “I play the PrizeLoot sweepstakes most every day.” She also said understands that by continuing to enter she has every chance to win again, and she did! 

What is Melissa’s favorite thing about entering on PrizeLoot? “It’s very easy. It’s very quick. It’s very simple. It’s free! I can do it when I’m just standing in line waiting for anything.” 

Melissa likes to read and told our Prize Director she is rereading The Kite Runner, after having read it once before and seen the movie. Sitting on the new living room furniture she purchased with her previous winnings surely must make reading a whole lot more comfortable and enjoyable!

Did Melissa know that there is no limit to how many times you can win on PrizeLoot? “Yes, I’ve seen names of those who have won one right after the other, so I’m aware.” And now Melissa is even more aware of being able to win again since winning for the second time in just a handful of months.

Melissa opted for the cash equivalent and that’s A-okay with us! Our winners always have the choice of the prize or the loot! Congratulations, again, Melissa. We are so delighted to see you win another one of our top prizes. We really appreciate you taking the time to speak with our Prize Director, and we sure do hope to see you win more with PrizeLoot!

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