$3,333 Winner Julia S. of Moriarity, New Mexico - September 16, 2021

We’re super delighted to announce another big winner here at Prize Loot! Big congrats to Julia S. of Moriarity, New Mexico, on winning the $3,333 cash prize drawing on September 16, 2021! That certainly is a whole lotta loot and we are so delighted you just became our latest big winner! You may be so stunned that you won that large among of cash, it might take a while to decide exactly what you do want to do with it. As with all our winners, you have the freedom to use your prize money for anything you can think of! Suddenly having all that money can certainly open many opportunities!

Since there are so many exciting things you can do with that kind of loot on hand, you may start out by planning an amazing shopping trip! Perhaps you’ll take a drive into Old Town Albuquerque and do some browsing at your favorite boutiques! That’s a great way to share the wealth and support the local merchants while you enjoy buying some things for yourself or to add to your home décor! You might even do a bit of early holiday shopping to avoid the crowds and pick out some special gifts for your loved ones! One thing is certain, it sure is fun to shop with prize money!

If shopping isn’t in your plans, you could use your loot to put a sizable down payment on a shiny new car or even plan a fabulous family vacation and head to a beautiful destination of your dreams! There are a lot of choices of places you could visit even if you just head to Southern California to enjoy all the wonderful sights and attractions like a family package to Disney!

You might even use some of it to donate to your favorite charity to help those less fortunate. There are so many worthy causes these days whether you want to help feed people, help children with education or even donate supplies to your local animal shelter for the dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

No matter what you plan to do with all your loot, we hope you really enjoy being the lucky winner of one of our top cash prize awards! We’re so happy for you and wish you all the best of enjoyment having all that money to use any way you’d like to! Thanks for entering and we hope you continue to enter every day since we have so many giveaways coming up, including the $3,333 cash sweepstakes, which we are running again!

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