$3,333 Prize Winner - May 2022

It’s official. We have another $3,333 Cash Prize Winner! 

Congrats to Richard H. of Decatur, Illinois, on winning the $3,333 drawing on May 19, 2022! That is surely some awesome news to have show up in your email inbox! Now you have all that extra cash to use any way you choose! 

Perhaps you’ll start off with a winner celebration dinner at one of the fine restaurants in town and treat your favorite people to a delicious meal while you toast to being a $3,333 cash winner! You could invite everyone to meet up at Robbies Restaurant for some King & Queen Cut Prime Rib dinners with all the fixings and your favorite beverages! That’s one way to show that you’re king for the day with all that loot you just won, and your loved ones would probably appreciate that fine treat of a really tasty meal and spending some time together enjoying it!

You might decide to walk off some of those calories afterwards and head over to Walmart or Target to browse around for a while and see what else you may feel like spending some of your loot on. Shopping with prize money is always way more fun than dipping into your paycheck or using a credit card and, with all that loot, you could have a seriously fun time shopping for things you can just buy on a whim, or maybe something that’s been on your wish list for a while. That’s a fantastic feeling when you get the money you need to buy something you’ve had your heart set on and can cross that right off your wish list, take it home and start enjoying it, whatever it may be. That could be a big screen smart tv, a new grill for your patio to cook up awesome barbecue meals, or maybe even a down payment on a new car or truck you’ve always wanted. You could also save some in the bank, pay off some of your bills and perhaps even book a nice vacation to your favorite place, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.

The options are endless, and the choices are all yours! Whatever you decide to spend it on or save it for, we hope you have really great fun and enjoy every moment of being the winner of the latest $3,333 cash giveaway! That certainly is a fine haul of loot, and we hope it made you really happy when you found out you won the prize drawing!

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