PrizeLoot Conversation with $3,333 Winner Ilene J.

PrizeLoot contacted Ilene J. of Coral Springs, Florida, to surprise her with the happy news of winning our $3,333 cash sweepstakes prize drawing. Ilene was joined by her husband of 53 years, Ira, to find out exactly how much she had won. Ilene and Ira are both retired and have been living in Coral Springs for 32 years, after moving south from their home in Long Island, New York.

They spend their days doing things most retired couples do, like hanging out relaxing, watching television, shopping on Amazon, and going out to eat, but Ilene has another aspect to her daily routine, and that is playing sweepstakes sites. She’s only been playing PrizeLoot for six months and said she was quite surprised when she was contacted by our prize director about a sizable cash win. He didn’t reveal the amount until the video chat so it would be a great surprise caught on camera.

Ira said he encourages Ilene to play sweepstakes sites such as PrizeLoot because she enjoys it. Ilene has won sweepstakes prizes in the past ranging from $25 up to $500, but this is by far the biggest cash prize she’s won so far. Ira said they usually request the prize payments as Amazon Gift Cards, since they are Prime members and frequently shop on Amazon for everyday necessities.

The big moment came when our prize director revealed the $3,333 cash prize Ilene won. Ilene and Ira were completely thrilled saying, “Thanks, that’s fabulous. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it! That’s great!”

Ira said, “It couldn’t have come at a better time!” because they had just bought a new oven which cost close to a thousand dollars, exclaiming, “That’s amazing! Ilene added “We really appreciate it, thank you!” as Ira happily chimed in, “That’s the best news! We’re ecstatic!”

They plan to do some spending on themselves and said they like going out to dinner, saying “we love to go out to eat, so we’ll do that,” and plan to put some of the money into their bank account. “It came at a most opportune time; I’ll tell you that,” Ira said.

We asked Ilene what advice she has for her fellow sweepers. She said she is going to keep on playing, saying she plays the same sweeps every day. She especially likes to play cash sweepstakes and is consistent on entering every day. That’s no doubt why she’s been winning and just landed our second largest cash prize!

Congratulations Ilene and Ira! We’re so very happy to award $3,333 to you and hope you have the time of your lives spending it!

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