PrizeLoot $3,333 Winner February 2023

Big Cash Winner Reveal Spotlight February 2023

We’re excited to congratulate another big winner here at PrizeLoot! Melissa N. from Danbury, Connecticut, agreed to a video chat with our prize director, after receiving a winner confirmation email from us, but not knowing how much she had won. During the conversation, Melissa said she works at a hotel. She is the mother of a twenty year old son who is currently a college student. She told us she likes to read, hang out with friends and generally have fun. We know for sure part of that fun is playing PrizeLoot and boy did it just pay off in a really big way!

Melissa said she’s been playing PrizeLoot for the past several years or so, and never thought she would win anything saying, “So, I was surprised. I’m surprised that it was real!” She first won our $50 Daily Cash Giveaway not too long ago and decided, instead of playing other types of online games, to play free sweepstakes sites such as PrizeLoot to see how it works. She began winning and getting checks in the mail saying it made her feel, “surprised, and happy!”  

When our prize director told Melissa that she’s just won our February 2, 2023, prize drawing for the $3,333 Cash Prize and asked her how she feels, her face said it all as Melissa exclaimed with a big smile, “I feel awesome. That’s wonderful! That’s great; that’s the most I’ve ever won! I’m surprised! That’s awesome. That’s going to really, really help me out! It really is!”

When our prize director asked what kind of big plans Melissa has for the money, she said she needs her car fixed, saying she drives “a 2012 Nissan Versa and the transmission is going and I had a line fixed, but now I can get the whole thing fixed! I’m so happy and excited!”

Will Melissa keep playing? “I’m going to absolutely keep going! And you never know. This is just such a surprise. I’m so happy! $3,333 is going to help out a lot. Winning $50 and $20 I was happy with. Who doesn’t want free money, right?!”

What would Melissa say to skeptics or people who think our sweepstakes may not be real? “This is absolutely real. I’ve gotten checks. I’ve deposited those checks for $50, $20, $10, and now over three thousand dollars. This is awesome!”

What advice or tips does Melissa have for fellow sweepstakes players? “Don’t let it consume you. Just play when you have time or when you’re bored. When you’re tired of scrolling on social media or hanging out with friends, when you’re waiting on line for something, just keep playing PrizeLoot!”

Is there anything else you want to say? “I’m surprised. I’m happy. I’m excited!”

We’re happy too, Melissa! It’s always thrilling to meet a new winner and find out how they feel to get a big check with their name on it! And you are correct; who doesn’t want free money?! It never costs anything to enter, win or collect prize awards. It’s always free to enter every day. With the prospect of winning some pretty amazing giveaways, players can visit our site whenever they want to and enter any or all of the sweepstakes contests. As you know, it can pay off with a great win, and that’s certainly welcomed news for any sweepstakes player!

Congratulations, Melissa! We are so glad to know that substantial win came at a great time when you really needed it! We hope you feel wonderful driving your car, knowing it’s all fixed and safe thanks to your prize money! We hope as you head on down the road wherever your travels lead, you keep that wonderful smile on your face and the joy you expressed after winning this fantastic cash prize!

We hope everyone is inspired by Melissa’s prize win and reaction. The great news for you is, we’re running the $3,333 Cash Sweepstakes again and all you need to do is enter for the chance to become the next big winner! You can enter up to five times each day during the contest period. Just be sure to use an email address you check on a regular basis. Winners are always notified at the email they enter on the sweepstakes page and once they confirm receipt of their prize award email message they can collect their prize money completely free of charge, of course!

Who knows, you could be our next big winner and receive an exciting message inviting you to a surprise winner reveal video chat with our prize director. We just love to meet our happy winners and find out how excited they are to win and what plans they may have for their loot!

So, keep entering. We’d love nothing more than to see your name on the winner’s list next and contact you about an amazing win of a great prize or some fantastic loot!