PrizeLoot $3,333 Winner - Ilene J. of Coral Springs, FL - January 2022!

Ilene J. of Coral Springs, Florida, got that fantastic news delivered right to her email inbox after she was chosen in our latest $3,333 Cash Prize Drawing on January 20, 2022! We are so delighted to award our second largest cash prize to another new winner! Congratulations, Ilene! What a wonderful surprise and you must be totally excited to have all that loot to spend on whatever you’d like! There are so many choices with that amount of money, perhaps you’ll use some of it to take a trip down to the Keys and relax and enjoy some time off for a long weekend or longer! It’s always nice to unplug and recharge yourself and, with all that loot in your bank account, you can certainly kick back for a while if that’s something you’ve been wanting to do! Of course, you may decide to go shopping and buy some things from your wish list and, with that amount of cash on hand, we’re certain you can start checking those items off as you enjoy paying for them with your prize money! You might even treat your loved ones to a fabulous dinner at one of the fine dining establishments or take a drive down to Fort Lauderdale, and peruse all the wonderful options on Los Olas Boulevard. While you’re there, you can’t go wrong with a fun shopping spree since there are so many great shops along the boulevard! That’s a fantastic way to celebrate being a winner and enjoy some of that loot, impulse buying whatever catches your eye! Who knows, you may just find that special pair of cowboy boots and a cool hat and decide to take up line dancing! You never know where your prize money will lead you when you’re on an unknown adventure discovering some happy times. We wish you all the best of enjoyment with your prize money and hope winning made you jump for joy!

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