PrizeLoot $200 Winner – October, 2021

Gary M. from Pahrump, Nevada, didn’t need to head to the casinos to win some loot since he was chosen in our $200 Cash Prize drawing on October 28, 2021! The other awesome part is, he didn’t have to spend a dime trying to win our giveaway! PrizeLoot is always totally free and as simple as entering your email address for the chance to win prizes and loot! Entering every day is the best possible way to max out your free chances of becoming a winner like Gary did. That way you won’t miss a single entry and possibly the winning ticket to one of our fantastic giveaways! Congrats, Gary! Now, if you do want to hit the casinos in Vegas you’ve got $200 cash to play with that won’t cost you anything! Of course, you could also hold onto it and do other fun things like go shopping, out to eat, or even see a concert, comedy show or any type of live entertainment you enjoy. Living so close to Las Vegas gives you so many entertainment options to choose from and that’s very cool! You could even spend an enjoyable afternoon at the Pahrump Valley Winery and enjoy some time with your significant other and good friends. How awesome to see grape vines in the dessert and we hear the cuisine is simply delectable at Symphony’s Restaurant on site. That sounds like music to your mouth! We sincerely hope you have a great time with your loot whichever way you plan to enjoy spending it! Don’t forget to tell your friends how easy it was to win by simply entering your email address in our free daily sweepstakes contests! We’re sure they’d rather play for free than spend their money in the casinos. And with a top cash prize of $77,777.77 you can become a high roller on PrizeLoot without losing any money! That’s what we call a win-win!

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