PrizeLoot $2,500 Winner - February, 2021

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and we have no doubt that includes the Texas sized smile on the face of Bonnie W. of Woodsboro, Texas, since she just won our $2,500 Cash Prize Sweepstakes Giveaway on February 11, 2021! That sure is some exciting news to get and we know you’re absolutely thrilled to have won all that loot! That’s quite the fantastic cash prize with so many options for ways to enjoy it! Perhaps you’ll save it for a nice family vacation in the summer since you don’t have to go far to visit some really amazing places along the Texas coast. You could certainly take several weekend getaways to South Padre Island with all that loot and have some fun in the sun along the shoreline. You might also do some shopping to buy some awesome new clothes to wear and celebrate being a huge cash prize winner with some great family meals too! A trip to Tuttle’s grocery to buy ingredients for your family’s favorite dishes will no doubt be lots of fun with all that cash you have on hand! Or, you could take some time off from cooking and order in from your favorite local restaurants while you celebrate being a lucky PrizeLoot winner! The Frosty 50’s Diner surely has everyone’s favorites and with that convenient drive-thru you can be on your way home with the smell of fresh cooking wafting in your car with your family’s delicious meals. Being a Texas Bucket List destination, we’re sure you’ll enjoy ordering a batch of their famous Tortilla burgers for your family to enjoy while you celebrate being a $2,500 cash prize winner! Whatever you plan to use all that loot for, we sure hope you have the time of your life, Bonne! Don’t forget to brag to all of your friends. They may want to get in on the fun and enter for their own free chances to win cool prizes and lots of loot!

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