PrizeLoot May 2021 Winners

It’s been another incredibly fun and exciting month for our players here at PrizeLoot! Whether you win a prize or some loot, we’re sure happy to see all of your names on the winners list! We also guarantee a $20 cash giveaway to one player every single day and, while that’s certainly not the biggest stash of loot, it’s a fun prize you can spend on anything you choose! You could order a pizza delivery with your favorite toppings, pick up some cheeseburgers and fries for you and someone you’d like to treat to a nice lunch, buy some new summer tees, shorts or a comfy pair of flip flops, or even get a relaxing manicure or shave at the barber shop! There’s a lot you can do with a free $20, so we hope all of our daily winners are out there doing something fun!

Gerald L. in Stayton, Oregon, won the $20 Daily Cash on May 1! That could come in handy to meet your friends for Happy Hour at Brewskis to catch up and have a great time! Erich F. in Wayne, Pennsylvania, also won the $20 Daily Cash on May 2. Did someone say Philly Cheesesteak? Jocelyn N. of Cincinatti, Ohio, also has $20 to spend since winning on May 7. Maybe time to head to the mall to see what’s on sale for summer! Danny W. in Sandstone, West Virginia, might be putting some gas in his favorite car to take a scenic ride with the $20 Daily Cash he won on May 11. Tim M. of Great Falls, Montana, might be tuning up his fishing gear with the $20 Daily Cash he just won on May 13! Joyce B. in Muscle Sholes, Alabama, might be having the gang over for a fun backyard Crawfish boil with her $20 Daily Cash she won on May 15! Shirley A. in Oakland, California, could be heading out for some sushi with her May 17 Daily $20 Cash prize! Congrats to all of our $20 Daily Cash winners! Don’t forget to check your email. It’s $20 free cash and there really are a lot of ways to have some fun with it! Enjoy!

Barbara D. in Watkinsville, Georgia, is no doubt not waiting around for the man in her life to fix things now that she can do it herself with the super cool Black & Decker Cordless Drill she won on May 4! He might ask where the “honey do” list went, and now you can say it’s already done! There’s nothing like that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day! Enjoy it, Barbara! We’re sure you can find some things for him to do if he’s a wee bit jealous you have that awesome tool! We know you’ll let him borrow it!

Wanda F. of Winter Haven, Florida, might have been wondering why her neighbors are outside looking around for where that smell is coming from, until she realized it must be the amazing aroma pouring out her windows from the awesome Cuisinart Brew Central Coffee Maker she won on May 6. We’ll bet she went right out there with a tray to offer everyone a hot delicious cup like the good neighbor she is. Don't forget to tell them about PrizeLoot, Wanda, so they can enter for their own chances to win our next giveaway! Terry G. in Wilson, North Carolina, might also be having the neighbors over for a friendly barbecue now that she can buy some delicious ingredients with the $50 Visa Gift Card she won on May 13. We’re sure that will be a fun time for all!

Rosemary E. in Newark, Delaware, knows exactly how much she really does walk in a day, now that she’s got the FitBit Activity Tracker to show her that impressive amount in steps and miles! She can also see how well and how long she sleeps, keep tabs on her health and more with this lightweight and comfortable smart watch device! We strive to give prizes away which we actually love and this is definitely one of them so if you’d like chances to win keep entering until our next giveaway ends!

James C. of Macungie, Pennsylvania, just got a nice phone upgrade since he won our Motorola E5 Smartphone giveaway on May 27! Now you can play PrizeLoot on the go, keep up with your favorite news and social media and text and call your friends and family to let them know you just won this cool prize! We love giving this phone away so much, we’re doing it again, so keep entering if you’d like chances to become our next lucky winner!

Feel free to stay in touch with us on Twitter. Like and follow our page for all the latest excitement and don’t hesitate to drop a comment. We love hearing from our players. Keep entering and good luck winning prizes and loot!