Prizeloot - Is This For Real

Prizeloot – Is This for Real?

Sometimes you run into things in life that just seem to good to be true.  Prizeloot is not one of them.  

Prizeloot is free to join and enter sweepstakes site that gives you multiple entries for each giveaway in every entry period. The site is easy to play with no gimmicks, catches or strings attached. It’s true there are sites out there that will try to get you to buy something, or search for something, and make it hard by running you around in circles just to enter to win. That could certainly frustrate anyone and end up wasting valuable time from your day. Prizeloot does none of that. Our site is very straightforward, easy, quick to enter and fun. We offer tons of cool prizes and lots of loot!

An official and legit sweepstakes site will always offer you total transparency. This means it’s always 100% free to join and enter to win. It also means there should be Official Rules stated clearly on the site as well as a way to contact the company if you have a question or concern. There should also be a Privacy Policy clearly outlined on the site which states how your information is stored, used and protected. If you browse around you’ll see that we have all of these safeguards in place. These rules and safeguards are governed by laws and need to be in place in order to legally conduct our sweepstakes. We also love paying our winners, and do so daily. And we try to list them on our site so that you, and everyone, can see who's winning on This means that you can rest assured we are serious about how much we respect and appreciate you and everyone who enters to win giveaways on

Prizeloot is made up of a professional team of dedicated men and women who work hard every day putting prizes together, managing our numerous giveaways and communicating with our members. You could call us veterans of the sweepstakes industry, since our team also has many years industry experience.  We're also experts in consumer-first offers, communication and site experiences.  We want you to visit and enjoy Prizeloot so much that you come back often to enter to win and so you'll share the great experience with your friends and family. If you have a question or concern about Prizeloot, you can always contact us on our site and we'll quickly follow up. 

The great thing about our team is we want you to win! We love sending prize winner email messages and nothing thrills us more than awarding prizes and paying cash to our winners. Everyone from our operations team to our communications team to our giveaways team and writers loves what we do. You see, our only business is conducting sweepstakes so our players can win! We offer as many chances as possible to enter to win every single day. It’s very simple. Just pick the prize you’d like to win, and enter during each of the entry periods, 

Our winners are very real people, just like you! Check out our Winners Page and you’ll see how many prizes we award to our players. All winners are chosen at random so we have no control over who wins. Like any other game of chance, it’s the luck of the draw. The best thing you can do is to claim your entries every day in order to maximize all of your possible chances to win.

Be sure to check your email every day for important notices from Prizeloot. If you getting a winner email notification, just follow the instructions to claim your prize. You also have the choice of how to get paid. We offer either the actual prize item or the cash equivalent which can be paid directly to your PayPal account. We can mail you a check or you can choose an Amazon Gift Card, which is super-fast and available as soon as you load it to your Amazon account. We hope you enjoy Prizeloot and wish you good luck entering to win!