Why Amazon Gift Card is a Prize Option for Every Giveaway

When you win any of our amazing Prizeloot prizes, we offer the choice of paying you your prize money, or cash equivalent of a winning prize, with an Amazon Gift Card. The Amazon Gift Card would be sent electronically to you to the email address you specify so that it's associated with your account.. As a result, payment is received very quickly and you can start using your gift card as soon as you load it to your account. If you don’t already have an Amazon account, it’s super easy and free to set one up. You can register your new account at this link: AmazonRegistration

To load your gift card, sign in to your Amazon account. Look at the upper right-hand side of your screen and you’ll see “Account & Lists” under your name where it says Hello ‘Your Name’. Click on Account & Lists and you’ll see a drop-down menu. The first item on the list is “Account.” Click on that and you’ll see “Gift Cards” on the left side – the second button from the top. When you click on Gift Cards the next screen will allow you to “Redeem a Gift Card.” Click on that button, enter the Gift Card Claim Code you received with you prize award and click on the “Apply to Your Balance” button. Once you apply your gift card to your account, the amount will be added to your balance and will be available to spend right away. The gift card does not have an expiration date, so you can take your time shopping for things you’d like to buy. Another benefit of the Amazon Gift Card is they don’t charge any fee whatsoever to use it, so the whole amount you win is yours to spend as you’d like. You don’t have to spend it at once either. Just be sure when you place your order to apply the gift card as payment at checkout. Your purchase will be deducted from the card balance and the remaining balance, if any, will stay in your account until you spend it on another purchase.

The Amazon Marketplace is so vast and diverse, it’s mind-boggling what you can buy. It would be easier to list things you can’t buy, since Amazon is the world’s largest online Marketplace. You can purchase items sold and shipped by Amazon, or find items sold by Amazon authorized vendors. You’ll see who the seller is in the product information when you click on the item that interests you. You can also see product ratings and read reviews by people who have purchased the item. This can sometimes make it easy to decide if it’s the right item for you, or not. If you’re planning a special occasion for a loved one, like a wedding or baby shower, you can create a gift registry to make it easy for your guests to know what to buy.

Speaking of what to buy, there are some pretty cool and amazing things you can get on Amazon. You could spend hours, or even days, exploring all they have to offer. You can also download music, e-books and videos. If you don’t already have one, you might even consider getting the Amazon Echo, that way you can ask Alexa “where’s my stuff?” The Echo Dot is very inexpensive, currently listed at $34.99. But if you’re more of a visual type of person, you might consider the Echo Show, for around $69.99, which has a 5.5” display screen where Alexa can show you all kinds of cool things. You can watch movies, tv shows, news programs and even video chat with family and friends through Alexa or Skype (if they don’t have Alexa). You can also tune in to your favorite radio stations or ask Alexa to play whatever type of music you like. And, if you want to sing along, she’ll show you the lyrics! If you like to cook, ask Alexa to show you how to make whatever recipe you have in mind. She’ll find the recipe and a how-to video in a flash. You can also make a calendar schedule, create shopping lists and more. Just ask Alexa if she can do it, and see what she says!

If you like unusual and funky gifts for people in your life, or even for yourself, just search “unusual gifts” on Amazon and you’ll see an array of fascinating things you can buy. If someone special has a birthday coming up check out the Rainbolights 3D Night Light with 7 Color LED lighting which does not get hot so it’s safe for kids of all ages. This will create a wow factor to any room. It includes a Mains Plug and USB cable and has a smart button so you can program the colors. It’s shaped like 3 balloons so it’s a great birthday gift or any occasion where you’d like to brighten someone’s space with a happy and fun light. It retails on Amazon for $39.54 and qualifies for Free Shipping!

If you’re a fan of sushi and have been wondering how to make it yourself, check out the Sushi Kit for Chefs and Beginnings Kit by iSottcom. It’s easy to use and comes with an ecological wooden sushi press so there’s no hand rolling skills needed. It includes a great recipe book so you can impress your friends and family with their favorites! You can also download their app to watch their recipe videos and make your sushi side-by-side with real sushi master! This handy kit is very reasonably priced too. It sells on Amazon for $29.98 with free shipping. This would also make a great gift for someone you know who is a sushi lover as well.

For the art lovers in your life, check out the Billion Dollar Art Gallery. This super cool device turns your television into a display of 500 of the world’s most iconic paintings. It’s simple to use because it’s a plug and-play USB stick and works with most large screen TVs. You can even plug it into a rotating picture frame or laptop device, since the connection is USB. What an amazing way to experience all the culture these iconic paintings have to offer, or give them to someone you know who’s an art fan. It retails on Amazon for the amazing price of $34.99 and also includes Free Shipping.

So, we hope if you select an Amazon Gift Card as your prize award, you have a ton of fun exploring all the fascinating things you can buy. Remember to keep checking your emails every day and add [email protected] to your trusted email contacts so we can be sure to reach you with winner notifications and other important messages. Also, don’t forget to check our winner’s list. You may just be surprised to see your name there! We hope you enjoy entering to win our cash and prizes and thank you for being a valued member of Don’t forget to get all of your entries in every day. We offer two entry periods per day, with 5 entries during each period for each prize. It’s no wonder we have so many happy winners with all of those chances to enter! Have fun and we hope to list your name as a winner soon! Good luck!