Prizeloot's $20 Daily Cash Giveaway

Extra money is always helpful, especially these days.. Even a few extra bucks can put a smile on your face, especially when you get it unexpectedly! We love thinking of new and exciting ways for our Prizeloot members to get more chances to win, and now we're giving you a chance every day. In addition to all the cash and prizes we have available to enter to win, we also offer a $20 daily cash prize which will go to one lucky winner every single day of every week!

We’re giving our valued members five (5) daily entries for chances to win a crisp $20. Keep in mind, you need to get all five entries in before Midnight Eastern Time. That’s when the entry clock resets and your entries cannot be claimed if you miss the deadline on any given day. So, just be sure to enter five times every day. 

It’s super-fast and simple to enter and always 100% free. For literally seconds of your time, you could make a quick and easy $20. There’s no guarantee you’ll win, of course. But there are chances you might. Someone is going to win $20 every day on Prizeloot, so it’s worth a shot. It’s another opportunity to enter for some extra cash while you’re entering to win our other amazing prize giveaways.

Having an extra $20 in your pocket could come in handy for a lot of things. You could easily use it to buy your morning coffee on your way to work for a week or more. You could also use it to treat yourself to a nice lunch or two. Most diners and local eateries have lunch specials, in addition to the deals you can get these days at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or Taco Bell, where $20 could go a long way on the value menu. You could also use it to put some gas in your car. Or, you could meet your friends for happy hour after work and have some drinks and a bite to eat. If you don’t commute or drive a car, there are plenty of other things $20 can buy these days. You could order a pizza delivery from your local pizza shop and probably get some garlic knots and a 2-liter bottle of soda too. Chinese food is another delivery option where $20 could buy a nice assortment of food.

Another possibility is, if you win the $20 daily cash prize, you could collect your $20 as an Amazon Gift Card. Amazon has thousands upon thousands of items to choose from for $20 or less. Or, you could put that $20 towards something you’d like and get free shipping (usually if the purchase is over $25). If you and your family and friends love making S’mores, check this out! Nostalgia makes an indoor electric/stainless steel S’mores maker that has 4 compartments for Graham Crackers, the chocolate, the marshmallows and it comes with 2 roasting forks. That’s a pretty nifty way to make S’mores on a cold winter’s night without sitting outside in the cold! It sells on Amazon for $19.99, so that’s a pretty cool idea for your $20 prize money!

Another pretty cool item is the Yeti Rambler Vacuum Insulated Tumbler cup with Lid. It also sells for $19.99 on Amazon and is a great way to keep your beverages or soup hot all day in the winter or keep a cold drink with you in warmer weather. It's made from kitchen grade stainless steel and has a “no sweat” design feature, so you’ll never leave a ring anywhere you set it down. It comes in a wide selection of colors to suit anyone’s taste. This would certainly make a great gift for anyone who likes to keep a nice beverage or soup on hand, or get one for yourself!

If you’re one who likes to keep the home fires burning with a nice scent in the air, check out the Mini Mason Jar Candle Assortment by Our Own Candle Company. The set includes four 3.5-ounce candles in mini mason jars with handles, which is a nice added feature. The scents were definitely developed with the cozy home in mind: French Vanilla, Fresh Linen, Lemon Pound Cake and Hot Apple Pie are all included in the set. That’s sure to make everyone feel warm and welcome!

Whatever you want to do with $20, just make sure you are entering every day. Be sure to claim all of your daily chances. Someone is going to win this cash prize every day.  Thanks for playing Prizeloot. We hope you enjoy entering our free giveaways and we hope to see your name on the winners list really soon!